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Recommendations for best restaurant for special dinner in Fairfield/Wchstr Cnty...

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My husband won a "dinner on the town" at any restaurant of our choosing so we'd like to take advantage.
We're more interested in good food rather than fancy decor, service, etc..

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  1. The Schoolhouse in Cannondale (Wilton) or Paci (Southport). Both have fabulous food.

    1. Add Bistro Bonne Nuit (new canaan) to Sibeats list

      1. Blue Hill @ Stone Barns. Do the tasting menu.

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          If price no object: Thomas Hinkelman in Greenwich.

          Entries even better than decor and service, which compliment the meal. Tho one of American's finest restaurants, it's extremely comfortable and relaxed while classical. Like the old Lutece.

          Go at sunset and request the screened in porch.

        2. Meigas in Norwalk is my favorite. It's all about the food there. There are so many tapas restaurants today that its nice to enjoy non-tapas Spanish cuisine.

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            Though if you want tapas, and a bit more authentic taps sceen than Barcelona, La Paella, located right near Meigas is highly recommended

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              La Paella is excellent.

              X20 is also a good choice, in Yonkers.

          2. Rebeccas in Greenwich

            Bernards in Ridgefield

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              Bernard's is lovely...truly a special place to dine.

            2. Adding DaPietro's in Westport to this great list

              1. These are some of my favs:
                Mona Lisa - Stamford
                Saint Tropez - Fairfield
                L'Escale - Greenwich

                1. My friend recommends Polpo in Greenwich. The food was excellent and the service was "just brilliant".

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                    that's a good recommendation. I really like Polpo. It's been a few years, but I really liked the two meals I had there. Not cheap, but that doesn't matter in this case!

                  2. I agree with amanda3571 Blue Hill @ Stone Barns....especially now that it's spring. I had an out of this world dining experience from the tasting menu

                    1. I do not like Polpo at all. If you're going Italian in Greenwich and price is not a concern, go to Valbella and request a table in the wine cellar. Top notch service and food. Just very expensive, but really good.

                      1. polpo, dapietros, valbella all feel special to me