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Apr 1, 2008 02:12 PM

Bringing wine on airplanes

I am going to be returning to the USA from Paris next month and am wondering if I can bring a few bottles of wine and maybe some olive oil on board? I haven't flown internationally since the 3 ounce liquid/gell limitation was put in place and am wondering how this works now. Thanks!

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  1. You'll have to check the wine/olive oil bag.

    1. Wine is considered a liquid. Can be checked but not carried on. (Learned the hard way when I had to throw some out)

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        what a shame...

        I've been successful packing wine in my checked luggage. pack a coupla of plastic newspaper sleeves, slip the bottle in, and squeeze it into as many layers of socks as you can and wrap whatever remaining t-shirts around it being careful to place it as close to the center of the suitcase as possible (in all directions).

        EXPECT the bag will be thrown around and at the bottom of the pile and proceed accordingly. I used to ship fragile architects' models around the world using these expectations with great success.

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          You can also buy a shipping box at your local wine store (with the foam insert to protect the wine), check it empty on your way there, and check it full on the way back. Make sure that you also bring some extra packing tape.

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            I confess I'm surprised to see such questions these days-- I fear these idiotic rules will not leave us, especially as it has been such a boon for bottled water companies. However, as mjpd mentions flying 'internationally' I feel compelled to ask: is flying within the states not subject to this liquid rule? How lovely!

            OK, all that said: I pack my wine/raki in my suitcase, in much the style hill food does, but then place the bundle in a plastic bag so that in the even of breakage, the damage is kept to a minimum. Bubble wrap and boxes is also a way to go (with more laundry as buffer).

            Although I am now calling upon bad juju with this: to date, I have not had breakage. I've been more unlucky with delayed baggage at Heathrow (typical) and exploding shampoo.

            You may also wish to consider packing an extra bag for all the goodies on the way back. A hardcase suitcase can hold some of the fragile stuff while the soft bag can hold clothes that no longer fit.

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              In the states we do have the liquid rule as well.

        2. I brought 5 bottles of wine and 3 bottles of Limoncello on my last trip from Rome. The best advice I can give you is to buy a hard sided suitcase and wrap them in bubble wrap. I bought a small cheap suitcase at the local second hand store for $4 it worked great, and I did not have to worry about a thing.

          1. You must check it in. I've had to give up lotions, etc because they were 4 or 5 oz instead of the 3.

            Not sure how much wine you're bringing, but I remember once bringing about 12 or 13 bottles of wine over international lines and I had to pay taxes on it.

            1. We brought I think about 12 bottles of wine/cava home from Barcelona and we put them in a separate bag so if the red wine broke it wouldn't damage all our clothing. We had brought beach towels for the beach and for packing our wine on the way home, they also had packed them in cases for us that we padded even more, they all made it home safely, if you can get them in wooden boxes and especially tins (preferrably the round ones) that was really good for the cava and helped keep the outside of the bag sturdy for throwing around.