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Apr 1, 2008 01:13 PM

bocconcini, where to buy?

Anyone know where to buy bocconcini? I don't recall seeing it at FE.

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  1. Citarella certainly has them, Murrays as well I think, also Faicco's (a guess).

    1. Actually, let me add, somewhere in Midtown.

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      1. re: eatfood

        You might want to check w/ Ideal Cheese.

        1. re: eatfood

          In midtown, try Ceriello in the Grand Central Market (there's also a Murray's in the same location). Can't guarantee it, but worth a shot.

          1. re: Striver

            They do have them at the Grand Central Market.

        2. Would you really buy these in a supermarket? You are braver than I am! Amish Market has them.. Ideal might..they carry Mozzarella from Joe's but only get delivery twice a week or so..or at least this was true last time I checked.

          1. I like them best from Joe's Dairy. Faicco's pork store has good ones too.

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            1. re: RonWV

              Joe's Dairy, is that on Sullivan?

              1. re: eatfood

                Joe's is on Sullivan. Are you all referring to the cheese balls alone, or the combo of cheese, red pepper and garlic and oil, etc...??

                1. re: erica

                  Was referring to just the balls.
                  Will give Joe's a try.