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Apr 1, 2008 12:25 PM

Kindasorta (definitely!) last minute request...

...I have (recently) moved to Montreal myself, and just found out that a friend will be flying in to MTL tonight for a meeting and has time for dinner. I have no idea where to suggest, especially as I'm hoping to give her a taste of the city vibe.

I live in the Plateau, but would be open to other neighbourhoods, too (say if there were a place in Old Montreal that really stuck out; I have only tried O+G myself, to date, and they'll be closed by the time she makes it in)

Also: she's a vegetarian, but not very picky (i.e.: happy to eat cheese nachos, quesadillas and side dishes) if the environment's great.

I'm guessing she'd want to pay between 10-15$ / main course.

My insta-thoughts were:
Reservoir (?)
Baldwin Barmacie (I've heard they make killer grilled cheese sandwiches, but went online to check and there was no mention of food on their website...)

Many thank yous in advance!

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  1. Leméac is a possibility, though vegetarian options are relatively limited.

    If you eat meat and it's after 10, you could have the $22 for app + main + coffee special, your friend could spend about the same or even less on the regular menu. Before 10, it's out of your range for a full meal w/ meat dishes, but having a few appetizers might do the trick.

    If you want to check whether there are enough options at the right price:

    1. What about La Sala Rosa? They've got a vegetarian friendly tapas menu, though they're only open until 11:00PM.

      1. Lola Rosa in the McGill ghetto has great vegetarian stuff of the ilk you describe (quesadillas, etc.) Funky, student vibe and within your price range

        545 Milton - Tel. (514) 287-9337


        There's also Aux Vivres - non-vegetarian and ChowHound founder Jim Leff adored this *vegan* place on his Montreal visit, but I've never been myself.

        4631 St–Laurent (between Villeneuve and Mont-Royal) Tel. 514-842-3479


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          The sandwiches at Aux Vivres are great (especially the "BLT"!) but the service is sooooo slow.

        2. Santropol is a great bet for ambiance, vegetarianism and your pocket book. Get the Killer Tomato!

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          1. re: Aspiring Foodie

            I'll second santropol. Very vegetarian friendly, good food, good ambience, and inexpensive to boot!

          2. Thanks, all! We ended up going to a Vietnamese place on Av du Parc; good - not great - but really a warm and attentive host (with his wife cooking in the back and their son doing homework at the neighbouring table!)