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Apr 1, 2008 11:52 AM

Great restaurants on International Ave (17 Ave SE) in Calgary?

Does anyone have favorite spots on International Avenue in the SE?

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  1. I love El Bombazo ( I think that is how to spell it). It is a little Central American spot. Lovely owners. There is also a great Portuguese restaurant, the name escapes me. It is in Little Saigon mall.

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      1. re: sarah galvin

        Im all about El Bombazo. Mimo's is good food, but the service is insanely slow. Pho Dau Bo is highly recommended for satay soup, but their hours suck and i havent had a chance to go yet. Middle Eastern Bakery is down there and fairly tasty. Tropical Hot is gone, unfortunately :(

        Green Grotto has good Caribbean food come Jamaica way. La Casa Latina has pretty good central american food.

        The korean restaurant (can't remember the name..Seoul Gardens?) is very very average. The dumpling house is scary bad, i hate Skylark though many people like it, and the roti place next to skylark is equally scary to me.

        I've eaten at a few other nameless vietnamese places there (Pho Hoai, La Dau, and others), but they arent memorable.

        1. re: yen

          Ate at LaCasa Latina today. Had really good Al Pastor tacos. Yummy! The refried beans were a bit salty but tasted pretty good mixed with the pretty bland rice. Also tried the pork and cheese pupusa. Very tasty! All in all....pretty good for Calgary. We will definitely be back.

          1. re: Merry113

            Glad to hear the food is still good. Thanks for the update!

        2. re: sarah galvin

          Mekong! (2818 17 Ave SE)

          Two words: Goat Pho

          1. re: CalgaryHound

            Three words: no freaking way! :)

            Damn, that sounds cool. I'd be all for trying that.

          2. re: sarah galvin

            Ate at El Bombazo today (yep, I'm on a Latin food kick this week). The food was good but the service was really slow. It was lunch & we didn't get our food for over 45 minutes & the forgot our pupusas. They had forgotten to make them & we didn't have any more time to wait. The food was quite different from La Casa Latina (whole beans vs refried, flautas were very different, tacos at LB were much, much flatter & emptier)...some pluses, some minuses. In the end, I would say both were good but I will go back to La Casa Latina first b/c I think overall it was better.

          3. Fassil's is really good Ethiopian fuud. 3608 - 17 Ave SW. Service is slow, but take out is amazing. I haven't been to Marathon's or anywhere else in Calgary yet to compare, but Fassil's is such good, simple, home-made comfort. Anyone else been there before and can compare?

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              I've only been to Fassil's once, last summer, we tend to go to Marathon because it's closer to home. I thought Fassil's food was better than Marathon's, but not by a lot obviously or we'd go there more often. The service at Marathon is usually pretty slow, seems to be a feature of Ethiopian restaurants wherever I've been! Fassil's had some dishes that I hadn't seen on the menu at Marathon or Queen of Sheba (which is also good), including a really nice spinach dish. I also preferred their injera, it was darker and tastier. Must go back!

            2. Desert Pita is one of the best places for donairs in Calgary... they're really good.

              Baba Ka Dhaba has a reputation for great authentic food, but its dirty looking and there are rumors of previous trouble with health inspections. I can confirm that the food is delicious though.

              I didn't like El Bombazo.

              Mekong is another good Vietnamese place, not for Pho so much although they do have a really spicy Sate that says "Not For Children!" on the menu. Try the #50 Curry Chicken.

              4 Seas has a certain charm, if you want greasy Chinese food in a greasy atmosphere :)

              Pho Dau Bo is the best Pho in the city.

              Fassil's is okay but they seem to have strange hours, sometimes you can go there at noon for lunch and they 're not open.