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Apr 1, 2008 11:52 AM

Coffee check-ins.

As we are in Seattle, a regular coffee check-in is about due. I think we're all familiar with the local fav's, so let's take a vote for your favorite straight-up drip coffee or espresso drink. None of that sugary flavor stuff allowed.

My votes:

- Online coffee co (not sure if they roast their own these days? but they can pull a good shot)
- Fonte (serves Uptown - yum.)
- Vitta (espresso shots are good but not their drip/press - way too muddy and acidic)
- my guilty pleasure, Peet's.


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  1. I like Victrola purely based on the taste of their coffee/lattes. I think their employees can be super snobby.

    I love Cafe Zingaro in Queen Anne because their coffee is tasty AND they have a great staff.

    1. Caffe Vita
      Irwin's (serves Vita, but it's really about the blueberry muffin)
      Cherry Street Coffee House

      1. stumptown is pretty impressive too ..