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Apr 1, 2008 11:34 AM

Splash of Thai in Somerville, NJ?

Looks like the Somerville/Bridgewater area is about to lose its second Indian restaurant in less than a year. Alishaan on Route 202 East closed and is rapidly morphing into an IHOP, and now it seems Agra Palace in Somerville has gone.

I was driving along Main Street this morning and it seemed to me that the windows of Agra were boarded up. There is also a sign nearby saying something about Splash of Thai (Westfield) opening soon so I think the two observations are connected (trying to take this in over a 2-3 second time frame was a bit of a challenge!).

If this is all true, I'm wondering just how many Thai restaurants Somerville can support. With Splash of Thai, there will be four Thai places within a few minutes walk of one another (although Origin may not qualify as 100% Thai). In addition, there are at least three more within a 5-10 minute drive.

I'm guessing but I would say over half the restaurants in Somerville/Bridgewater (not including coffee shops, snack bars, etc.) are either Italian or Thai.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. To continue my recent rant, in our fair state, when it comes to restaurants, 'more' is almost never synonymous with better. Maybe 'Splash of Thai' will prove me wrong. Though Thai and Italian restaurants proliferate around here much like the 'Ray's Pizza's' of one stripe or another sprung up on nearly every city block in Manhattan, for Italian, Due Terre in B-ville remains the only high end choice we've found (maybe Scalini Fedelli if you want to travel), and not counting Origin, other than Thai Kitchen (which often satisfies though rarely if ever thrills) you need to mount up on camel and trek out of this dessert from time to time if you want a plethora of high end choices. We're off to DC for several days (Sushi Taro, anyone) and then, in a few weeks, off to Provence for nearly three weeks. I'm sure we'll return more snooty than ever. :-)))

      1. Did some additional research and here's the scoop...

        Agra Palace has indeed closed its doors BUT the Splash of Thai sign that I saw referred to the space next door, formerly occupied by Thai Chef. I had forgotten that someone actually posted last month that Thai Chef was closing. I doubt that it will be missed as it was probably the weakest of the Thai restaurants in the area.

        So, it seems that there might be a Law of Conservation of Thai Restaurants at work in the Somerville/Bridgewater area, i.e. you can't open a new place unless an old one closes!

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        1. re: ambrose

          Hay!! Splash of Thai is opened on monday April 14. I went to the grand opening and food testing. Wow !!! great food, beatiful cozy deceration and worm welcome. Let go check them out and let us know.

          1. re: Tabor

            *beatiful cozy deceration and worm welcome*

            I'm not at all sure that I want to be beaten and decerated by a worm but we will give the restaurant a try this Thursday night and report back. :-)))

            1. re: mmgpsych

              We like the Splash of Thai in Westfield, they have a wonderful duck salad and delicious ribs, but truthfully it's more of a Thai inspired restaurant. While there are Thai dishes on the menu, it's somewhat diluted. It is a very attractive restaurant and as I said, the food is good.

        2. Im a huge fan of Origin Thai in both Somerville and Morristown. How would you say this Splash place matches up?

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          1. re: yankeefan

            Splash of Thai in Westfield is alright, but I prefer Thailand Restaurant in Clark or Mie Thai in Woodbridge. If Im in the Sommerville area I'll go to Thai Kitchen, cause that place rocks :)

            Im glad to hear the Thai Chef place closed, that place was AWFUL!

            1. re: J1Scarlett

              Hi JI-
              I totally agree with you regarding Thailand Rest. It happens to be our Thai rest of choice and I was thinking about it when writing my original post. We've never been to Mi Thai, but we have been to Thai Thai in Berkeley Heights.

              1. re: J1Scarlett

                We like Thai Kitchen, too, but it's sort of an apples and oranges comparison; as jnk wrote above, Splash of Thai doesn't pretend its authentic Thai without influence while Thai Kitchen does.