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Apr 1, 2008 11:32 AM

Peasant or Fig and Olive?

Yes. I realize theyre completely different!

My mother is coming into town from chicago this weekend. She actually works in the culinary industry so is obviously a huge foodie. Id like to take her to a wonderfully tasty new york restaurant for around 60-75$ pp. Peasant and Fig and Olive (uptown) are both on my list of restaurants to hit (its an extensive list). Which one of these would you suggest? or does anyone have another suggestion? THANKS!

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  1. I am a big fan of Fig and Olive. I have been in the uptown location many times (for both lunch and dinner) and downtown once and I have always been quite happy with my meal. I went to Peasant only once and was a bit disappointed with my meal. As you said they are quite different but I prefer Fig and Olive to Peasant.

    1. Peasant is great, and I'd gladly take my parents there. Haven't been to Fig & Olive.

      1. Well, I live up the street from Peasant and my girlfriend works for Fig & Olive...

        Go to Peasant. Shhhh.

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          I agree. Both have nice atmosphere, but Peasant has much better food. In a completely different league. A huge foodie like your mom is sure to love it.

        2. I say Peasant. I have been there with the elders a few times and always found it meets all expectations. I think there is a bar underground there too, although I haven't been.

          1. I find it hard to understand how you can compare the two -- they are so entirely different.
            If you prefer Italian, Peasant fills the bill.
            But Fig & Olive is a health oriented Mediterranean restaurant that leans heavily toward fine olive oils (no butter) for their cooking and is a very small, charming walk-down.
            It's all in what you are looking for.

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            1. re: idia

              I definitely have it on my list to try Peasant as everyone raves about it. The only question I have is it seems to be a place for "adventurous" eaters like myself. My family LOVES Italian as we are 100 percent Italian, however they tend to err on the side of caution. They are more traditional and I am afraid that Peasan't dishes may be a little too out of the ordinary for them.

              Does Peasant offer daily specials? Will they prepare dishes to specific or special requests? IE- the lasagna in traditional style without goat. Thanks advance.

              1. re: steakrules85

                Don't know abt that but it's def the better choice. I have never been impressed with the food at Fig and Olive (only been to meatpacking one) and have always enjoyed meals at Peasant. I love the atmosphere at both. Peasant is cozier, more rustic and F and O is huge, can be bustling, fun.