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Apr 1, 2008 11:19 AM

Santa Fe recommendations?


I'll be in Santa Fe for a few days soon and would like to find some great places to eat. I'll be there on business, so price isn't a huge concern.

Thanks for the tips!

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  1. Santa Fe in México, D.F; or Santa Fe in New Mexico?

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    1. There is a fantastic Lebanise place called Al Andaluz the original one has been in downtown for many years , the one in Santa Fe is great the chef Mohamed is there all the time it's in a comercial center kind of weird in the food court ? But beleive me it's the best Lebanise in town . Recently two Peruvian places open one is called La Mar and the other one called Muelle something I haven't been to either one of them but my friends in D.F. say they are both good. Also a place called Brassica run by a chef trained at the CIA good wine selection , he say's it's Bostonian cuisine. I know Nobu is about to open and in the N.H. hotel is the " Fast Good " concept of Ferran Adria. A very typical buissenes man favorite is Guadiana 16 a cantina type concept with good traditional Mexican food . For a great selection on the Mexican wines there is a gourmet store with restaurant called La Criolla very good place.
      Hope you have a great time I would not miss Al Andaluz !!

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      1. Hope that this is not too late.

        I strongly recommend La Mar - a Peruvian cevicheria, also recommended by bigotes.
        La Mar has two branches, and that of Santa Fe is located in the 2nd floor of the Edificio Escape, Juan Salvador Agraz 37, and Tel 5292-9776.

        On the ground floor of the same building, there is a restaurant called "Bros". It is a great place, too. Their specialty is seafood, and they have really good draught beer.

        "Tierra de Vinos", across the street, is also a good place to eat and hang out. It's an enoteca + bar + restaurant. Although their menu is quite limited, they have decent wine list and good food. The address is Juan Salvador Agraz 60.

        Santa Fe also has a good Japanese restaurant, called "Shu" in Calle Tres 55, Tel. 5292-4834. It's an upscale version of Suntori, and offers a good selection of sushi.

        1. From my relatives... adjust your expectations... the restaurants in Santa Fe are definitely 2nd tier relative to Polanco & Condessa... lots of chains & offshoots.