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Apr 1, 2008 10:55 AM

Indian in Charlotte

Which Indian restaurants in Charlotte offer the best lunch options? Whether it be their specials or amazing buffets??

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  1. There are quite a few. In fact, I haven't come across one I wouldn't go back to. I am in S. Charlotte but I know there are quite a few up by the university that get good reviews here. I like Copper in Dilworth more for the atmosphere then the food which isn't very authentic. Haven't been there at lunchtime though. I like Bombay Grill on 51 going towards Pineville. I've only been there at lunch time and it is a buffet. I recently went to the newly opened Tamarind on Carmel and 51 and thought it was very good but haven't been for lunch.

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      Lunch at Tamarind is good and a nice change of pace from Bombay Grill. In fact, it has taken Bombay's place in our lunch rotation. The lunch includes a bowl of soup (cream of cauliflower last time), either a pakora or a samosa, the entree, rice and either cabbage or daal. It is not rushed and I've always come away reflecting on the qualitative differences between Tamarind and Bombay. Two different type restaurants, admittedly, but Tamarind's food just seems fresher and of better quality. Try it for lunch.

    2. maharani on Kings Drive is good.

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        thanks for the suggestions...I do live up by the university so I know some of those suggestions pretty well!