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Apr 1, 2008 10:35 AM

Walzwerk -- Good German Food

The Wife and I went to Walzwerk on Friday night to fulfill a craving for good German food. This was my second visit to Walzwerk, and both visits have left me with nothing to complain about. I had the special which was bacon wrapped roast pork loin stuffed with mushrooms. The pork was nice and tender and very flavorful and went great with the Weltenburg Helles. My only complaint (very slight) was the spatzle that it came with was a little tough (but not tough enough for me not to eat it all). The Wife had the jagerschnitzel which was smothered in mushroom sauce and quite tasty.

Beyond the good food, I also like the ambience in Walzwerk, which is a lot more toned down then Suppenkuche. It's really like you're eating in an East German living room. The other thing that I noticed was that I overheard German being spoken at about half the tables. That has to be a good sign!

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  1. Have you tried the "Schnitzelhaus"? If so, how does it compare?

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    1. re: ChowFun_derek

      I haven't been to Schnitzelhaus yet. I've been meaning to go. I have a friend who really likes it though.

      1. re: sheriff

        I've been to both and greatly prefer Schnitzelhaus for food. Walzwerk does have an interesting, oddly classy atmosphere with a better wine list. It is a pretty good place for a date, actually, if you aren't looking for amazing food. Schnitzelhaus' cozy and often raucous interior is better suited for a celebratory outing with friends.

    2. Did you try any dessert?

      Looking at the menu I was surprised to see a couple of vegetarian options. For meat-eaters they use natural/free range pork.

      381 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103

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        Concession to the local market perhaps? All the German restaurants here seem to make a point of it. Although I've made numerous visits to several of them, I'll probably never get around to ordering them.

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          One of the vegetarian options at Speisekammer in Alameda is Spatzle baked with Emmentaler cheese and carmelized onions. It's like grown up mac n cheese with a slight German accent... wonderful dish. I'm an avowed meat eater, but this always makes me think twice about what to order...

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            You might be surprised at how many German vegetarians there are. And it's not at all hard to be one there.

          2. re: rworange

            No, we did not try the dessert, b/c at that point we were both stuffed! I forgot to mention however that we did split an order of the latkes as a starter. Very light on the inside and nicely crispy on the outside. They are served with sour cream and apple sauce.

          3. Thank you for bringing Walzwerk to everyone's attention again. It's one of our favorite places. They do indeed have wonderful vegetarian dishes, great beer, excellent decor, and 6-foot-tall Teutonic waitresses who all seem to have won the genetic grand prize.

            1. a few years ago, a friend of mine recommended Walzwerk with this statement: "It's East German soul food." At the time I thought that was a pretty weird, and un-compelling description, but we went anyway.
              I thanked him the next time we saw him, because it was a spot-on description, and my wife and I loved it.

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              1. re: barndog

                Walzwerk is East, while Suppenkuche is more West. Snitzelhaus is ok but I really prefer Walzwerk. They have HUGE portions and a friendly vibe!

                1. re: Jezcab

                  >Walzwerk is East, while Suppenkuche is more West.<

                  How would you describe that difference?