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Apr 1, 2008 10:34 AM

Extinction (Vancouver, megavore, pictures)

So last night I went to one of my favourite spots. Extinction in Gastown where the specialty is exquisitely prepared flesh of endangered species.

The starter was a beautifully gelatinous Shark Fin consomme. We were then serve an amuse bouche of Spotted Owl breast with a white cedar infused pine mushroom coulis. The main course was a spectacular Hunan-inspired Rhino red-braised in whale blubber. For dessert we had Mountain Cranberry Rupica Mountian Goat cheesecake.

The service was fantastic and our sommelier was spot on with his recommendations on wine pairings.

Over all an enthusiastic thumbs up!

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  1. Any word of whether they will open a more casual offshoot? I'd love to get a Hokkaido whale burger (

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    1. re: timc

      I've been hearing rumours about a tasting bar. Really looking forward to this.

    2. ... and the dodo carpaccio...
      just kidding

      I'm waiting for the *ba-dum ching*!