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Apr 1, 2008 10:25 AM

Dinner in Cleveland OH

I am going to be in downtown cleveland at the rock and roll hall of fame on a sunday and staying at a B & B in ohio city that evening. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good spot to eat for dinner. We are looking for something not too expensive so like under $20 for food each.

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  1. Bar Cento. They're a wine bar with good food. They have a few pizzas - thin crust, lightly sauced or no sauce, sparingly topped. Authentic Italian, I guess. I like the blue cheese and onion. The potato seems to be a popular favorite. They also have a selection of other wine bar style dishes. My current favorite is cinnamon braised lamb with cheese. I guess I'm just not a french fry person but everyone raves about their fries. I order the fries to get the trio of house made mayonnaises that are served with it. They have the fries to complement the beers available at McNulty's Bier Markt with which they share an entrance. So they also have mussels and a burger. Another great dish is the lamb steak appetizer. The food tends to be simply prepaed. The concentration is on quality ingredients. The results are great. Bar Cento is in Ohio City.

    Further East there's a small Chinatown. Asia Foods is a grocery store with a teahouse in back. Soy sauce chicken, Vietnamese pork chop over rice, Hong Kong style roast pig over rice. Siam Cafe has Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Please search for my past recommendations. Superior Pho has great pho. Also a great banh mi and good bi cuon and bo pia.

    Within about a mile or two these are the only things that I can think of. If you're willing to go a couple miles West then I would definitely recommend El Tango Taqueria.

    Bar Cento
    1948 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

    1. Momocho, which is in Ohio city. (Check to see if they are open Sunday nights, though.) Awesome food and not too expensive.

      Also in Ohio City, I loved Flying Fig on Market St. Very good, though probably a little more pricey than Momocho. Across from Flying Fig is the Great Lakes Brewing Co. Great atmosphere and GREAT beer, though I have heard hit and miss things about the food. I've always had decent food, though--I've just heard complaints from others. But the beer and scene more than makes up for it! The price will be right, too.

      Other faves in Ohio City: Phnom Penh on W.25th- very good Cambodian fare. Nate's Deli (also on W. 25th)- good cheap Lebanese food. I have heard good things about the greek restaurant that is across the street (maybe called Opa!?) I don't live in the Cleve anymore, so it's tough to keep up. (I only left 7 months ago, though, so this info should be fairly reliable.)

      Others will tell you to go to Lola downtown- it is excellent, but more expensive and you won't be able to walk there. If you want to venture over to the east side of the city (probably a 20 min drive from Ohio City), there are many, many more options. Have fun! The Rock Hall really rocks (pun intended, but in all seriousness).

      1. Johnny Mango in Ohio City is a fun place. It's small and gets crowded, though.

        Check out their website at

        Hope this helps.


        1. I would go with Bar Cento. I have never had a bad, or even average meal. It is a wine cafe, but dozens of Belgian beers are also available from the ajoining Bier Markt (you can eat the Bar Cento menus from the BM if you choose). BM has a rare Sunday happy hour too! It is for sure open Sunday evening. Momocho is pretty good as well-not sure if open. I know Nate's is closed Sunday evening. Not a big Johnny Mango fan-I would not pick it as my only Ohio City meal. If you are eating breakfast Monday morning, the Westside Market Cafe in the westside market (something not to be missed) in Ohio City is great.

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            I agree with Lyn and Stuart on Bar Cento - can't go wrong there!

          2. Sunday is usually very dead in Cleveland. If you are interested in any of the places mentioned here you must call first and be sure they are open. Siam Cafe on St. Clair and E. 40th is open, in your price range, and good.

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              I forgot about Tremont Tap House (about a mile or so from Ohio City) It is open Sunday, in your price range and very good. I love Siam, but it does not give a Cleveland flavor for a visitor as much as Bar Cento or Tremont Tap House-no web site yet, but this has info: