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Apr 1, 2008 10:23 AM

Recs for Harrisonburg, VA?

Stopping in Harrisonburg en route between home and my sister's. Staying in Holiday Inn Express on Main St. Any suggestions for easy dinners appreciated.

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  1. for Harrisonburg-

    Cally's -located on Court Square. It's a microbrewery with tasty food. It's often tempting to go and just load up on appetizers- definitely try the artichoke dip with the yummy foccacia bread. I had the fish tacos the last time I was there- it's a fun different spin on the dish- tasty wasabi cream dressing for the tacos:) Good beer too. they serve a nice beer sampler in case you want to try everything.

    The Little Grill- a fun place for food! they do alot of great veg and vegan stuff, but meateaters are welcome. The breakfast......oh, so tasty! make sure you get some biscuits and gravy. Tempeh Reuben...yum. Tuesday night all you can eat mexican plate for $6.75 is a great bargain and TASTY.

    For dessert, a stop by Klein's for some icecream is a must. a sundae with wet nuts, or a malted milk shake, or their flavor of the week....

    darn it, i'm so hungry now......'stomach growl'

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      Thanks ktwinkie - they both sound great for this week's trip - maybe one southbound and one northbound home

      1. re: ktwinkie

        Glad I checked the hours for Cally's and the Little Grill Collective on arrival in Harrisonburg - found out the latter wasn't going to be open like Cally's when we passed through on our return Sunday afternoon (only open for brunch until 2), so we tried the Little Grill today.

        And we were glad we did.

        Decor took me back almost 40 years to hippie-influenced college days - definitely a funky little place, but the food was great. I had a grilled portobello sandwich and my wife had the "Wednesday Wildcard" special - a grilled veggie wrap, which she raved about - "fresh and light, not greasy" like others she's had. My portobello sandwich included some cheese and other veggies in it as expected, but also a few pieces of hot pickled sandwich peppers that brightened up the flavors nicely. Very nicely.

        We both had good fresh side salads with a soy-ginger dressing - again light and tasty - mabe a bit of lemon in with the soy. I sopped mine up up with the end of my sandwich.

        Beverage - Ginger Lemonade - could have been overpowering with either ginger or lemon - but just enough of both balanced to be tasty and refreshing.

        Wish the Little Grill Collective was closer to New Jersey.

        Also tried Kilne's Dairy Bar for dessert. Rich ice cream (custard? soft, but dipped) - a particularly tasty vanilla, although hot fudge was a little thin.

        We'll be trying Cally's on the return trip in a few days. (Maybe try a vanilla root beer float at Kline's for dessert.)

        1. re: fpatrick

          Thanks to both of you - my husband & I will be making a similar trip in a couple of weeks & it's great to have a recommendation for dinner (& hopefully breakfast)