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Apr 1, 2008 10:03 AM

Decandent/Impressive Dinner for 4 in NYC!

Hi, we owe our friend/biz associate big time for a job well done and want to go to a
Sat night Dinner. I can start calling a month ahead. Want someplace expensive and impressive with fabulous service. Rec's please. I was thinking Daniel or someplace on that level. Babbo? Service is key too! Thanks in advance!

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  1. When we were at Daniel in October, there were several serious service lapses. The only reason we would still consider back is because we've had two previous dinners there with excellent service. But to be honest, if I were hosting someone, especially business associates, I wouldn't take a chance. Instead....

    I would take them to Eleven Madisonn Park, our favorite NYC restaurant. Chef Daniel Humm's French-inspired cuisine is exquisite. The wine list is first-rate. (Note: They've just received a James Beard Award nomination for wine service.) Service is polished, yet very cordial, with not a hint of stuffiness. Finally, the impressive space is gorgeous! This coming weekend, they will be debuting the spring Gourmand dinner menu (11 courses + extras), and shortly thereafter, they will be rolling out changes to the 3- and 4-course prix-fixe menus.

    1. Daniel and Jean Georges are still definitely bolded in the black books of executive assistants across the city. Per Se, however, would be the truest extravagance in the city, though I would much rather be treated to Eleven Madison Park.

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        Unfortunately, the OP can only make reservations a month ahead. You need two months for Per Se.

        I think Daniel would be the ticket. Great food and I've never had a problem with the service. Babbo is good, but a lot more casual than Daniel or JG.

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          Le Bernardin, the Carlyle or Scalinatella....all GREAT

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            Per Se is doable as a lot of people cancel. I have done it just a week ahead!

        2. Four Seasons is very impressive and the service is marvelous

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              Definitely try for Per Se if you can.
              The rest of the suggestions here are all the top notch ones. You really cannot lose for winning.

          1. I'd go for the chef's tasting menu at Le Bernardin. Just did it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, with the paired wines, and it was superlative. Service? Perfect! Food? Beyond perfect! Wines? For me, perfect! I can't recommend them highly enough. I'm spending my own, hard-earned money, and not the corporate dime. I'm not well-off, but I know value when I see it, and LB delivers, and then some. Of course, some others may disagree with me, but I accept that, and still stand by my rec.