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Apr 1, 2008 10:01 AM

New to El Dorado Hills.. Help!!

My husband and I just recently moved from Los Angeles are to El Dorado Hills. We love to go out and eat and when we were living in LA... there were so many restaurants to choose from. Can anyone please recommend some restaurants in the EDH area? Thanks.

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    1. Bistro 33 is a good place for casual meals and features a variety of food. It is located off Latrobe on the street leading up to the movie theaters. I, too, am a recent transplant from Los Angeles and find Bistro 33 to have something to eat for whatever mood I am in.

      1. Masque always gets raves. I have not been a while, but people still say it is great. Behind the Raley's. Mostly Italian food, expensive but the best dining experience in the Sacramento area. Really wonderful.

        Folsom has loads of realy good places. Only about ten minutes or less from EDH via either Green Valley Road or I 50. Do a search on this site for Folsom and there are two threads with a lot of info on places there and are fairly current.

        One thing about EDH, there is a place on Green Valley Road, The Purple Place, that may look tempting for breakfast. Forget it. Jut keep driving to Bidwell Street in Folsom and go to the Gold Miner Cafe. Or even Lake Forest Cafe. Both have the best breakfasts and lunches in the area and are worth the extra time.

        If you live in EDH off of Green Valley Road, the best pizza around is at the corner of Green Valley Road and Natoma Street, Roma Pizza. Old school NY Style pizza. It is so good I pass by 100 other pizzarias to go all the way here from Orangevale.

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        1. If you’re from LA, probably you are used to driving some distance for dinner. The drives to dinner from El Dorado Hills will be much more relaxing. As previously posted, Folsom is close but Placerville, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Auburn and even Plymouth are within range. You can use the search function up by the heading "California" to find recommendations for each one. For instance, the opposite of Masque might be Poor Reds in Diamond Springs. Stop in for a “Golden Cadillac" at the bar and some BBQ ribs. Also, you may enjoy visiting some of the excellent, local wineries within reach of you now.

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            Poor Red's is a good choice. But you must not go there without having numerous Gold Caddy's. This food is best sampled with the house drink, many house drinks. Funnest bar around and the longer the wait the better the food is.
            Another recco, is Three Brothers in Cameron Park. Right off the fwy at Cam park drive. Best steak sandwich around. Everything is pretty good here.

          2. A place to try would be Redbud Cafe in Cameron Park. It's in a strip mall by Applebees and is visable from the freeway. Exit on Cameron Park Dr. Not a fancy location, but you walk in and it feels like you are in Napa. They have a wine bar and exhibition cooking. Awesome menu. My favorite is the salmon with the soba noodles and coconut broth. (whoa, I just noticed they raised their prices. Dish used to be $17 now $22!) They do have sandwiches and salads also. Great local wine list.