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Apr 1, 2008 09:56 AM

New Mexican Restaurant in Montgomery County

I thought I would spread the word that there is a new Mexican/Guatamalan restaurant in Souderton. It is called Mi Ranchita and it is in Souderton. It is a tiny hole in the wall place without a proper sign. I've eaten there three time and loved it every time. The food was fresh and light and super cheap! So far I have had a few tostadas at $1 each! My friends ordered soft tacos and refried beans and gave them a thumbs up.

If you are looking for it, it is located on Broad Street in Souderton a few doors down from the movie theater (currently under renovation) and directly next door to Duane's Salon.

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  1. Been meaning to thank you for posting about this gem! It is exactly as you described it! I've been there five or six times and never been disappointed! Sorry to post twice in a row but I finally got around to making my account.

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      I'm glad you liked it. Let's spread the word so this cute little place makes it. Thanks for your feedback.

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        is there a web site? Do they do breakfast (I'm thinking Ciliquiles). There is a hole-in-the-wall in Hatfield, called Los Habaneros, where I've had breakfast. Am yearning to go back for dinner.

        1. re: PattiCakes

          I'm not sure if there is a website. They do serve breakfast but I've never tried it.

    2. My daughter and I just ate here today, coming back from Hendricks Dairy Farm in Telford. Great food and SO SO SO cheap! It was about 2pm so we were the only people in there - I hope it's busier at the more traditional eating times of the day. We shared delicious soft chicken tacos, a ground beef on small tostada shells thing whose name escapes me, and pastelitos (?) which I thought would be like empanadas but were softer, filled with chicken and potato and served with shredded pickled cabbage on top. I'm rarely out that way, but I'll definitely go back for Mi Ranchito!