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Apr 1, 2008 09:52 AM

chained in NOLA

Never I say...never will I go to a chain restaurant. I live in one of the best eating cities in the world and we EAT LOCAL.

Until last night.

Hubby's birthday found us at Lakeside mall shopping for birthday suits (every year, on his birthday, he splurges on new work suits). I wasn't sure when we'd be done so no reservations for dinner were made. As we finished picking out matching ties I asked where he would like to have dinner thinking he would mention Drago's or Acme or even Crazy Johnnies. He hit me with "can't we just trrryyy PF Changs?".

His birthday, his choice and it was right there. So we went.

I'm happy to report that it was good. Very good. We had crispy shrimp, spicy beef, special rice, sizchuan asparagus and Mai Tais. All for $72. The server was young but cute and engaging. She laughed as I switched chairs twice (I have issues with table height and views from my seat) and offered to change tables if I still wasn't comfortable.

The food was tasty and the drinks strong. The room was clean and sleek (if a bit noisy) and my husband loved the whole dinner. Which was the most important part. I'm not saying you'll see me at Applebee's anytime soon- but I have to admit that my husband's very NON CH birthday dinner was very good- even by my snobby standards!

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  1. I agree that PF Chang's provides a pretty good meal for a chain outlet at a mall. Note that Men's Health named the pork lo mein one of the "worst foods in America" topping out at 1,800 calories and 127 grams of fat.

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      They have complete nutrition information on their website, which is really nice (but note the rice is listed separately). The lettuce wraps are among the few good choices if you're watching calories ...

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        I guess birthday dinners are OK for 1800 cals worth of noodles- mine is coming up soon and I'm planning on 1800 cals of shrimp

      2. I like PF Chang's well enough, except that everything tastes like it's made with A LOT of sugar.

        1. We ate at PF Chang's a couple of times when we were refugees in Baton Rouge. It made me want to cry. Perhaps I ordered the wrong things. That was very nice of you to let him choose on his birthday. :)