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Apr 1, 2008 09:44 AM

Houndworthy in Kingston?

It has been a few years since I've been to Kingston, and I'm going to find myself there for a few days this spring. I quite like Le Chien Noir, I think Chez Piggy is over-rated, and I'm keen to try Lukes! - c'mon, tete du cochon... I've got to try Lukes! Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Ciao, hounds!

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  1. I hear the chowline at the Kingston Pen serves a mean brisket >>>> I have heard the food at Luke's is Great , he now is largely buying Organic and local ... The problem is with Luke's is the hours are very inconsistant ( so after four or five times .... he has not been open for some reason or other ) .. also i have been iformed by everyone who goes there that the serve is appallingly slow . However i will continue to try and attend .. let me know how you get along !!!
    A suggestion i have for you is Aroma On Ontario Street ..interesting, great tasting tapas and mains an extensive wine list as well .. The chef there is very keen on local or high quality ingredients as well .
    Enjoy yourself .......

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      I'm sure that the brisket isn't the only thing that's mean at Kingston Pen.

      Regarding Lukes(!), I gather that it would be advisable to reserve well in advance. What's the story? Is the inconsistancy of hours explicable? I checked the hours online, and they struck me as early-ish, but perhaps that's just a Toronto vs Kingston thing.

      Regarding Aroma, they seem not to have a website. Do you know whether they're associated with Aroma in London, Ont.? That place in London is a pretty pleasant Mediterranean joint.

      Thanks for the help.

    2. I haven't been to Kingston in a year but I always enjoyed Le Chien Noir (and I don't usually like French food), Windmills Cafe (on Princess) and... I'm blanking on this other place where they did great pizzas and some neat appetizers... I think it was called Wooden Heads.

      1. For sure what's been mentioned, plus White Mountain Ice Cream on Ontario and Pan Chancho for b-fast or lunch, on Princess.

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          They have some great salads for take-away at Pan Chancho--and a very impressive bakery.

        2. Regarding the hours at Luke's ... i meant that you show up when they are sup[posed to be open and they are just not open yet ..the be back in twenty minutes thing . Lukes folks set him up in the restaurant .. they own a winery in "the County" . As for Aroma ... no connection with the London place ; Breakfast / brunch at Pan Chanco ... Chez Piggy's bakery and take-out gormet food place ... good quality -Great Service - Woodheads has great Pizza - the place is always busy ... and its a loud restaurant .

          1. I'm not sure this qualifies as 'houndworthy' but i had an excellent casual dinner with friends at Woodenhead's Pizza. Great entrees and the wood burning oven makes everything taste that little bit better. Will definitely go again when I'm down that way.


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              I recently moved from Kingston. Luke's didn't impress me. Love Chien Noir too, but if you're into something different, you should try Aquaterra. I was skeptical at first (it's in the Radison) but the food was quite good and the wine list is incredible. If you're on the outskirts of town, Bella Bistro is quite good, too (Collin's Bay and Bath Road). Both the menu's can be found online, I believe. Enjoy your trip!

              1. re: Mackers

                The one experience I had at Luke's (admittedly for breakfast a year or so ago) was so so. The in-house smoked salmon was incredible, but the meal was marred by the service - the server's seemed to be under the impression that they were doing us a favor by allowing us to patronize the joint - I would have eaten cardboard at a certain point. A friend who would consider herself a pretty die-hard regular of Luke's has not returned after a service experience that could only be described as horrendous. Maybe it's one of those things that comes with all of a sudden being an "it" place, but something to keep in mind.

                1. re: Mackers

                  I'll second Aquaterra. I had the tasting menu there a couple of months ago, with Niagara wine pairings, and it was great. I was there for business on a Monday night, and Luke's! was closed (I had been hoping to try it.)

                  1. re: Gourmando

                    Mrs FoodyDudey ate at Aquaterra last week and reported that she really enjoyed it, I guess I'll have to go try it out also.