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Apr 1, 2008 09:42 AM

Koi - Las Vegas

We're meeting some friends in Las Vegas next month, and we're thinking about trying Koi at Planet Hollywood. We've been to Nobu and Okada. Has anyone tried Koi yet? Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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  1. Barry, I don't know if you have been to Vegas and back or your trip is upcoming?

    I Had the opportunity to join a good friend last evening @ Koi.

    Yes it was good! Everything was presented beautifully, the fish was fresh, the flavors were vibrant and interesting.
    It was very,very, very good!

    Not having been to Okada....I can only compare to Nobu.
    Koi is on par w/ Nobu.....I prefer the more intimate feel to Nobu.
    Koi is a much larger space...with beautiful decor...soft colors and a very hip young crowd. For a Sunday evening Koi was happening.

    We enjoyed a crispy rice spicy ahi appetizer which was wonderful...the smooth creamy spicy ahi atop a square of crunchy chewy rice...both complimented each other very well, paired with a seaweed cucumber salad which was pefectly sesame flavored and cool...a nice pairing w/ the crispy rice.
    From there we had the Miso Bronzed Black Cod...Awesome. A nice size portion, the cod buttery soft w/ a crispy glazed skin on personal favorite.
    We also had the Hamachi fusion...loved the citrus flavors that permeated the dish.
    The Yellowtail Capaccio which was light and spicy. The rock cream shrimp...a little on the heavy side...but the sauce, decadent and delicious and the Baked Lobster Roll...which was very good...but something you can find atalmost any sushi restuarant.
    We also had a side of shisheto Peppers.....I can't believe I have never had them before. They were addictive!

    Dessert was spectaular...we shared the chocolate almond fondue w/ the green tea loaf coconut marshmallows, strawberries and bananas....I found myself eating the fondue w/ a was great!

    I would happily return!

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      Thanks, Ciaogal. We're going next month, and I thought we might try something new. Now I feel comfortable bringing everyone to Koi. Thanks again for the review.


    2. Koi is one of the great new spots in Las Vegas. Already a very hot spot in both LA and New York, it fits right in at The Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. A celebrity favorite, Koi is known for both its Japanese-inspired cuisine with California accents, as well as its great service, d├ęcor and attitude. This is a fun evening with great food.

      Although we shared many delightful items that are familiar to folks who dine at these type restaurants, I strongly recommend the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna.

      JetSetWay tip - Besides a lovely dining room, there is a second more intimate room with glass windows overlooking Bellagio Hotel. It is called The Fountain Room. I highly recommend sitting in there if possible. The room seats 75 on comfortable couches and can be reserved for private parties where one can leisurely enjoy the exquisite meal while watching the Bellagio fountains or the busy street below.

      Barry Shulman