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Apr 1, 2008 09:38 AM

(philadelphia) passover products

My wife and I are moving to Philadelphia. Where do we do our Pesach shopping? We will be living in Center City, so I will probably have to drive somewhere. Who has the largest selection?

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  1. The best selection is at the Kosher Experience in the Shop Rite in Cherry Hill. (There's one in Northeast Philly too, but it's a nicer drive to Cherry Hill). They even schlep in a bunch of baked goods from New York and Brooklyn bakeries, and have a variety of shmura matzos. Thank you.

    1. I also like the Genaurdi's in Wynnewood, and R&R Produce on City Line Avenue (same area). I think the ShopRites have better selections (and the one in Cherry Hill is nicer), but I tend to go out to the western suburbs for other things more often, so the Genaurdi's is convenient.

      Also, if you just need basics, the grocery store at 18th and Spruce usually has an okay selection. Both Whole Foods have a limited selection, but usually have yummy KFP stuff from Irene's (a local kosher bakery).

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        Oh yeah, Irene's kamish bread for Passover rocks!

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          Where is Irenes and what do you recomend?

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            As far as I know (I did look into this several years ago, but I don't know if it's still true), Irene's does not have a physical location, they just supply local grocery stores with holiday baked goods. Considering the dearth of fresh Pesach baked goods in the Philadelphia area, I'd recommend anything you can find! :-) I've seen them in the Whole Foods, and I saw them once in the Wynnewood Genaurdi's (although I didn't see any on a trip there last week).

        2. The original comment has been removed