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Any great ideas for Chinese Eggplant?

I picked up some at the international market and want to do something interesting with them - any ideas out there? Thanks in advance.

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  1. If they're purple and long like Japanese eggplant, you can grill them with a dengaku miso glaze, or saute them like so: http://www.moscowfood.coop/archive/mi....

    1. Eggplant and Green Beans in Red Curry-Miso: Sauteed with string beans, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, miso and red curry. It is the most interesting flavor --- one of my favorite stir-fries for eggplant.

      Eggplant torta: Roast eggplant over an open flame (one burner on the range does nicely) until the outside is charred and the insides are softened. Soak the roasted eggplant in water. In a separate pan, saute garlic and onion. Add minced pork, diced red bell peppers, parsley, paprika, soy sauce, pepper and chili. Cook through, drain and reserve. Beat eggs in a shallow bowl and dip peeled, flattened, floured eggplants into the eggs. Fill with a little of the mincemeat mixture and again coat with eggs. Immediately fry until browned.

      1. I love to make a very simple and traditional long eggplant stir fried with oyster sauce. That is a favorite dish of mine.

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          Would you share a recipe? I normally have both eggplants and oyster sauce on hand, but never thought so simple a combination could be so flavorful. I do trust your palate, however.

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            I slit the long thin eggplants into 4 pieces. In about 1-2 tbs hot oil, add chopped garlic and ginger, then before it burns, I add in the eggplants and stir around. They soak up all the oil, but I just keep stirring and after a while the oil comes out again. I add in about say 2 tbs oyster sauce, plus some sugar. If your brand of oyster sauce is very strong you may need to also add some water or stock to make it weaker. At the very end I add in a drop of sesame oil and garnish with green onion stalk slices. That's it. Very simple. If you wanted to make it hot, you could add some chile flakes at the ginger/garlic stage.

        2. Garlicky, peppery Szechuan style eggplant on hot rice.

          1. Malaysian eggplant is very good. There are some recipes on the web.

            1. Here's an Epicurious recipe for marinated eggplant with mint that we like. It calls for Italian eggplants but I used the Chinese ones and they worked fine.


              1. Steam and then drizzle with an oyster garlic sauce.

                Dice 5 cloves of garlic
                Mix with 1/2 cup of oyster sauce
                Cut up Chinese eggplants into 1 inch pieces (length-wise)
                Steam until tender (about 1-2 minutes)
                Drizzle oyster garlic sauce over eggplants

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                  I love love love eggplant -in every shape, size and colour! and as much as I love this veggie fried, eggplant tends to soak up a lot of oil. grilling and baking are great but sometimes time consuming. hence my absolute admiration for the steaming route! being asian and needing rice at almost every dinner table, i just slice/ chop the eggplants in bite size pieces and pop them on top of the rice in the rice cooker. they come out tender and beautiful...i let it cool a bit then toss in an asian vinaigrette: garlic, touch of sesame oil, vinegar/mirin, chili flakes, sliced scallions, ground/toasted sesame seeds, and sometimes, a few drops of soy sauce or memmi sauce...love it......

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                    That sounds wonderful! At what stage of the rice preparation do you add the eggplant?

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                      At least with my Zojirushi rice cooker, when the rice is done and on the "keep warm" stage, you can just pop in chopped up eggplants for about 2-3 minutes and you're good to go.

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                        when I cook rice in a pot (not automatic rice cooker), I place the eggplant on top of the rice in the last 10 minutes of cooking ie. when most of the water has been absorbed by the rice already. it's a bit hard to time with a rice cooker, so if i'm cooking other veggies or boiling stuff, i just put the eggplant in a steamer basket over top of the other pot of food.... the way my mom does this dish, she actually tosses the cut eggplants very lightly in flour, shake off the excess then steam the eggplant as such - what results is eggplant that's a bit sticky with a bit more heft (for lack of a better word/description), then she tosses them with the same dressing ingredients. she does this with other veggies too ie. green beans, zucchini, chard leaves...

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                          I have had good results from grilling Chinese eggplant in summer, and I appreciate year-round options. Thank you!

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                          I also have a Zojirushi rice cooker, and am looking forward to steaming eggplant!

                  2. Excellent ideas everyone. Thanks so much, I picked up some oyster sauce and will start playing. I recently did sliced rounds on the grill with cumin and chili - very nice.

                    Isn't there a dip with eggplants too.

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                      I sometimes make a dip that originated with one of Steven Raichlen's grilling books. For this you need a large round purple eggplant. Cut slits in the skin and insert garlic slivers, and put the thing on the grill and cook it, turning, until it is soft and the skin is blackened. Cool it and remove most of the skin (you want to retain some small bits of skin for smoky flavor), retaining the garlic slivers that haven't totally burned up. Puree this with a couple tablespoons tahini, some basil, olive oil, lemon juice, a bit of paprika, and salt & pepper. I usually serve it with pita bread wedges.

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                        Yum Yum and more yum - thank you. I just love tahini so combining with eggplant sounds wonderful.

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                          i just made this, yum!! i actually roasted cubed eggplant and cloves of garlic in the oven with olive oil. then pureed it with all the other ingred.
                          Thank you thank you.

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                            isn't taht pretty similar to "baba ghanoush"? By the way you might also want to check out "imam bialdi" recipes.

                      2. My SIL just slices them in half lengthwise and brushs them with olive oil and spoons on a thin coating of basil pesto. Bake at 350 until soft. They are so yummy and simple.

                        1. I have had this Thai dish many times, but don't know the name of it. It consists of beef chunks stewed in red coconut curry with tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts and eggplants. It's one of the greatest combos ever. Anybody know what I'm talking about and have a recipe?

                          1. Quick pickles. Slice thinly, salt and layer into bowl, cover with plate and gallon jug of water or other weight, squeeze out brine after completely compressed and after liquid has been extruded, add vinegar/sugar/chilie flake combo to taste. Chill and serve.

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                              yum!!! And I love all pickles too. Heard recently of a great recipe for radish pickles - don't think I've ever had them either but sound wonderful.

                            2. I'm rather fond of this recipe, with freshly ground spices. It has a really comforting sweetness to it. Yummy over rice.

                              1. I know it ain't sexy but when this veg is really fresh and so incredibly sweet, I just slit them in half the long way and throw them in a steamer for about 15 minutes or until the flesh darkens a bit when you poke them. take em out and top with cilantro, minced raw garlic, a splash of soy sauce and sesame oil, and eat. simple, healthy, really good.

                                1. I b raise mine with salted fish and pork.

                                  First I cut the eggplant into large pieces and fry them until golden brown. Then in a wok, I Stir fry some slivers of pork or chicken breasts, garlic, and ginger, and then throw in some pieces of salted fish. Add some stock, then oyster sauce and the eggplant. SImmer for a few minutes then thicken with cornstarch.