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Apr 1, 2008 09:21 AM

Pannini Paradise?

Where to go? The last couple of places I went to and ordered a pannini, I got a cold sandwich. I want a HOT sammi, grilled to the point where the cheese is gooey perfection.
I'm seriosly considering buying my own pannini press so that I can have one whenever I want.

The last one that I had that was really good was at Slices, in Westport.

What's your top pick for a good hot sandwich?

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  1. Bella Luna Bakery & Cafe in Cheshire makes delicious pannini sandwiches. And when you're done, check out the delicious desserts in their bakery cases. YUM!!

    1. In a part of the country where people claim to be familiar with Italy, Italian food, and even Italian, why is it so hard to get anyone to call a sandwich a paninO? One panino, two (or more) panini. (and no pannini :-).
      I did manage to get one place -- Zoi's sandwich shop, on Orange in New Haven -- to change their menu to advertise the special panino of the day. They're Greeks, they realize languages have different ways to make plurals. But mostly, if you try to tell restaurants this they either pay no attention to you or just laugh.

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      1. re: linguist

        thank you linguist, for informing me. I am not familiar with the phrasing of Italian dishes. I just like to eat the food!

        I don't think I have ever seen panino written on a menu.

        1. re: wineaux73

          That's because many of the people that are in charge of writing and editing menus don't know the correct usage either. I can't tell you how many times I've seen eXpresso on a menu, even in places that should know better.

          1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

            I thought of you yesterday, Jimmy, when I went for the first time to the Pine Creek Deli in Fairfield. They had, on their dry board, Pannini of the day. I contemplated correcting them, but the gal behind the counter already had a pretty withering look on her face, so I kept mum. I didn't want any nonsense going into my sandwich!

            It was a good one, though; smoked turkey w/ melted mozz, and tomato and very flavorful bread. It took a lot longer than everyone else's sandwich, understandably, but was worth the wait.

      2. If you're up on the Shoreline-- we like Bradley and Wall in downtown Madison. Delicious, fresh, creative ingredients. Get one to go to the beach.

        1. I remember getting a very good Roast Turkey Panino (thanks for the language lesson!) at Max Amore's in Glastonbury last year. Several other varieties available.