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Apr 1, 2008 08:56 AM

Prov RI Horn Toot: El Rancho Grande

I just wanted to let everyone in the area know they should go try a meal at El Rancho Grande in Providence. I know mexican food is a very personal thing and everyone has their favorite place for certain dishes etc, but this place comes out on top for total package. Just my quick 2 cents on why this place whips the mules butt with a belt...

1. Free chips and really good fresh salsa.
2. Cheap
3. Breakfast!!!! (haven't tried it yet but very soon)
4. 7 days a week
5. They take plastic
6. Everything I have tried so far has been excellent
7. Breakfast!!!! (I know It's listed already but come on!! Best meal of the day... Mexican style)

The Carne Asada super burrito is one of my favs. Very simple contents which let you taste just how good the meat in it is. I took my son here for lunch the other day and we had Enchiladas Mole (3 chicken, comes with side of rice and beans) and 2 chicken tacos for a whopping $11. Proper.

Support the goodness!!

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. The best mexican around. I'd like to add three more reasons to your list though:

    #8. Liquor license!
    #9 Sangria! (this sort of goes w/ #8 but there's is so yummy I though it deserved its own mention)
    #10 Kid friendly! (I know this isn't important to everyone but for those who it is, it's real important)

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    1. NIIIICE. Where is it? Link to website?

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        1. re: bucketfoodsnob

          OMG, this is right near my office. Awesome! Thanks.

      1. Thanks for the tip! I am eager to go for all of the reasons listed here and below.

        1. I have to add a #11 - the mole. It's so good and, like everything else there, homemade.

          1. Speaking of, is anyone going to their wine class on Sunday? I'll be there...try to guess who I am and say hi :)

            Here's the writeup:

            Last month's cooking class sold out and we expect this will do the same. Please join us on Sunday, April 13th from 3-5PM for a fun and educational afternoon as we blind taste 6 wines in 3 flights. These wines will then be paired with a specially prepared 3-course meal (not on the regular menu) by Maria: Jalapenos Rellenos de Atun, Camarones Adobados, and Crepas de Guayaba. Translation = Jalapeno peppers stuffed with seasoned Tuna, Shrimp in a rich traditional Adobado sauce, and sweet Guava filled Mexican-styled crepes with vanilla ice cream).

            Learn the language of wine in a friendly, relaxed environment and meet others with similar interests. All levels of wine knowledge are welcome.

            $45 per person.
            Limited Seating. Reservations & Prepayment Required.
            Call 401-275-0808. Ask for Maria.

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            1. re: cajuntoast

              Hi. I was thinking of doing that myself. I'll see if I can still get a reservation. (I'd be going by myself; is that going to feel awkward or does everyone sit together and talk with one another?)

              1. re: ccferg

                I made the reservation this afternoon (Saturday) and it sounds like there are still some openings. I think it sounds like fun -- plus good food and wine. I think we'll all be part of a group, but if I'm sitting at a table by myself, please introduce yourself.