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Apr 1, 2008 08:48 AM

Making Cheese? I sure am!

Hi, i have decided I must learn how to make cheese. anyone with any information on where to buy Rennet in the GTA and any local dairy farms that I could outsource for milk would be most appreciated. I am in burlington but am willing to do a little travelling for this.

Any other tips you feel i need to know would be most appreciated.

I would love to take a course on this but the best I have found in near ottawa :(

Thanks in advance

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  1. This is actually something I am also interested but haven't had too much luck in sourcing ingredients... (although I have not had a chance to look very hard in all honesty!) so far I have only been able to dabble in fresh cheese - which is ridiculously easy to make as well as paneer.

    I have not been able to find rennet but I would imagine that you could probably convince a fromagerie to sell you some. Increasingly, I am starting to see alot of rennet free cheeses - i am assuming people are trying to stay away from anything sort of "meat" - have you considered trying to make cheeses wtihout the use of rennet? there must be another way! Please keep me posted...

    1. Don't know how well it would work, but those old fashioned blancmange tablets were made of rennet.

      1. There is a course at the University of Guelph:
        Some info from the Ontario Government is here:!ut/p...

        1. The best Canadian source for cheesemaking supplies is

          You can get anything you need to get started.

          Unfortunately, it is illegal for farmers to sell milk directly to the consumer unless it is pasteurized, certified, etc. etc. even if their facilities are spotless and their animals healthy. There are ways around it though, either do a search for raw milk ontario in google, or get your own goat or cow :) (I have a dairy goat), or become really good friends with a farmer. If you don't want the hassle, I would recommend buying full fat milk, either cow or goat, from the grocery store and go from there. It will make decent cheese as well.

          Cheese making is fun and not very hard, especially the soft, fresh cheeses. Every batch I make turns out just a little different from the other, but always tastes great.

          Have fun!

          1. You can buy sheep's milk from the Riverdale Market (when it starts up again) or the Dufferin Grove Market. The name of the vendor is Best Baa, or something close to that.