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Apr 1, 2008 08:17 AM

Bite Groceteria in Inglewood

What a fabulous find! Thanks to all those that recommended the place. I finally found it this last Saturday and a parking spot right out front.

The space itself is industrial looking but well laid out. I think they need to work out some of the bugs but the place is still pretty new.

The selection of goods is amazing including organic grains and cereals, cookies, crackers, olive oils and vinegars. They have sourced out the best of what Calgary has to offer – beautiful crusty French bread, chevre cheese, vital greens dairy, smoked duck, gourmet soups, chocolate and more!

There is an extensive selection of knives demonstrated by a very enthusiastic Kevin. I had him confused as I am generally a vegetarian but cook huge vats of turkey soup for my inlaws so need knives mostly for veggies but also to occasionally attack a bird or two. He even gave me a terrifying lesson on how to chop veggies with one of his enormous knives. I think I will just stick with my petite chef!

The service is warm and welcoming and friendly. They are very keen on sharing samples and I recommend that you go when you have some time to browse and shop and explore all the goodies they have on offer.

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  1. They are very nice. I was chatting to the owner - a young woman. She did her final year of high school in Italy and grew to love the food. It was too difficult to set up business over there, so she came here, to Calgary, where anyone can do anything! She is originally from Ontario and has been wholesaling to high end restaurants until opening this shop.

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      One of the best things about Bite is that they are willing to listen to and work with their clients. You can ask about what is new or popular, and I have found those items to be exceptional. If you haven't tried the duck or the ficelle of foie gras (a mousse in a tube), you are missing out. Duck breast has to be one of the easiest and quickest proteins to make - plus it's delicious too!...and I just want to add that if you have the perception that duck is "fatty", I have yet to have duck do anything to fatten me up other than make my skin glow. (yay!) Just think of "fatty" as flavour. yum! The owners at Bite can tell you how to prepare it too.

      Yesterday, I picked up some of the best fresh cherry tomatoes I have ever had! There are also cans of cherry tomatoes which have incredibly intense flavour too - imported from Italy. There are always new products, but go and check it out if you haven't yet. Julie and Doug, the owners, are passionate about this shop and providing Calgarians with HIGH-QUALITY items. I just can't go back to eating any other bread, canned-tomatoes, spicy tuna (ohhhhhhh the spicy tuna!!!), grilled artichokes, or the chevre. Top-notch stuff. Once you go, you'll always want to get these items from Bite.

    2. finally got there yesterday - my new office is in the neighbourhood so that is very exciting! I have a feeling i will be spending a lot of money - we didn't buy anything yesterday but we will...i'm afraid kevin's knives are going to be trouble too, i've never cut a tomato like that before!!

      1. had to resurrect this to let everbody know that the new espresso bar at Bite is up and running and to my delight it's a class act- they're trying to decide on beans to source but what they had on offer (to try out, they didn't have huge amounts of anything) included local beans from Fratello (their Godfather espresso, which I like) and espresso from Vivace in Seattle as well as a tiny bit from Stumptown- unfortunately Stumptown, which is a famed roaster in Portland, does not have any way to supply to Canada unless one orders retail which is obviously terrible for a coffee bar, but the fact that they're aiming high is superb. GREAT barista too. GREAT. The equipment isn't super high end but it's clean and well-loved. I am so happy about this- and it's really great for Inglewood, which finally has a really good place for espresso.

        They also are selling Fiasco Gelati and so they do a killer (from the looks of it) affogato.

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        1. re: John Manzo

          I haven't had an espresso there yet, but I did enjoy a balanced (and beautiful!) cappuccino. It's a perfect excuse to combine breakfast with shopping. Oh, and they also have brought in some burrata, which is exceedingly difficult to get, delicious, and fabulous. I love to be able to enhance my cooking with something a little bit more unusual from time to time. When it's this hot outside... burrata with some bread and tomatoes, who needs to turn the stove on? :)

          1. re: John Manzo

            excellent! i was wondering when they would have that up and running.

            i haven't had an affogato in ages, i love those!!! thanks for the reminder!

            i enjoy Bite - they've had to raise some of their prices though due to the ever increasing cost of fuel and shipping - oh well, these days it's across the board. still the best olive oil around and worth every extra penny!

          2. bite is soon to carry frozen entrees from Vij's in Vancouver (apparently they have a little store with the same products next to Vij's). I've never been to Vij's, but I'll take what I can get!

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            1. re: hornvixen

              I've been to Vij's a few times - (including the September long)....everything is always fabulous! You won't be sorry at all with the quality and taste. I guess it's time for another trip to Bite soon :)

              1. re: cmanten

                I've always found Vij's to be a bit overhyped. It is pretty good food, but it's not a place I clamour to go to when i'm back in vancouver. It may just be the people that were dining with me, but I feel like no one will dare say anything negative about the place because it just has to be the best ever because that is what the media has said. Don't get me wrong, it is good, but I would rather have get real indian takeout than something frozen from Rangoli (i think that is what his quick food place is called).

                1. re: bitsandbytes

                  You just described my experience at Hapa Izakaya- but I actually hated a couple of the things I ordered... hype is a scary thing...

                  Looks like Karolina (the barista at Bite) will be sourcing coffee from Caffe Umbria in Seattle- very well respected roaster and another new source for great coffee in Calgary!