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Apr 1, 2008 08:12 AM

Bobby's Burger Palace - Monmouth Mall (Eatontown)

My local newspaper reported the following story of interest:

On March 10, the Eatontown Planning Board granted final site plan approval to the owner of Monmouth Mall (Vornado Trust Realty) for a four part expansion adding 113,824 square feet of retail and restaurant space to the already 1.5 million square-foot mall (the fifth largest in the state BTW).

The interesting part for us foodists is that one of the intended tenants (to be located in Site C of the project which is planned to be a 14,202 square-foot structure on the outskirts of the mall's parking lot and bordering Route 35) is one of the first of Bobby Flay's new high-end burger concept known as "Bobby's Burger Palace" (with another location planned for Smithville, NY). Other prospective restaurant tenants include a Chipotle and Fresh City.

Although I'm not a huge fan of franchises, I'm pretty sure since it’s associated with Mr. Flay (as well as being one of its first outposts) that the standards should be pretty high. It’s also nice to see that we get a new franchise when we usually lag behind most states in attracting the better franchise brands.

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  1. Interesting news and thanks for posting it. I'm not a fan of franchises either, particularly, but I appreciate your point. ". . we usually lag behind most states in attracting the better franchise brands." The quality of stores in general at Monmouth Mall is disappointing, to say nothing of the food options there. Odd, really, since we live in a nice area, but it's an old story. Maybe things are looking up.

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      I agree completely about the lack of good retail/restaurants at MM. I rarely if ever shop there prefering to do so at Freehold Raceway Mall notwithstanding the distance. At least we have a Wegmans. :) Hopefully the expansion will add some quality retailers.

      1. re: bgut1

        Have any or you eaten there yet. It's pathetic. I was really disappointed. I thought a Bobby Flay restaurant it should be great. We waited on line for almost an hour, granted it had just opened. Not a great selection of burgers. The food was very disappointing it is a plain burger with some toppings on it. By the time we got our food all of the toppings had melted off of the burger. We asked our server for some sauces and he took them from the group next to us, they had just gotten there food too. Just not what we expected. Other friends have gone and were disappointed as well.