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Apr 1, 2008 08:12 AM

April is National Soft Pretzel Month

I ran across an article this morning telling me that April is "National Soft Pretzel Month." Is Rockenwagner the best place to celebrate?

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  1. I love me some soft pretzels! Rockenwager has pretzel bread more than pretzels. But they may have some. Don't forget 3 square, owned by Rockenwager, in Venice. You can get soft pretzels made by La Brea bakery in a few Gelson's, but they aren't the huge ones I love.

    When I have to get really good ones, I order them from the Santa Barbara Baking Company. Look for the site and order some from them, if you can't find anything else. They are nummy

    Anything but Auntie Annie's and that other mall chain pretzel store from hell.

    1. Can't vouch for the quality, but I just noticed the Swiss-accented On the Waterfront Cafe serves soft pretzels.

      205 Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach

      1. Where else can I find a great, hot, soft pretzel in LA?

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          I would desperately like to find the same. I have a friend on facebook that just posted a picture of a pretzel that is taunting me (attached below). This one is from Pier Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. She says it has a mixed cheese beer spread that is to die for. I think I might dream of it every night until I have something similar!

          1. re: Rebecca5874

            Swiss Matterhorn in the Valley: 13727 Victory Boulevard, Van Nuys has huge, delicious pretzels that look like the one in your pic. Unfortunately, they did not serve it with any cheese beer spread (now my mouth is watering!).
            Also, Claim Jumper has a pretty decent pretzel on their menu and will serve it with cheese sauce or mustard (we got both). Go during happy hour and you get a break on the price.
            Oddly enough, I went in to Pavillions in Monrovia yesterday and bought a cheddar jalapeno and a sea salt pretel from their bakery section. I had never seen them before and the checker mentioned that she had never seen them and that they must be new. I really enjoyed them!

        2. You won't do any better than Hans Rockenwagner's lightly salted soft twists. I get them at the La Canada farmer's market on Saturdays and if I don't get there by 9:00 or 9:30 they're sold out. His pretzel buns and loaves are wonderful, but I've never found anything to compare to his traditional pretzels and believe me, I've searched far and wide. They're the best outside of Munich.