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Apr 1, 2008 07:45 AM

Dinner and Comedy in Downtown Toronto

Hi everybody,

I've been tasked with planning a friend's birthday night out in a couple of weeks time. What she would like to do is a night out at a comedy club. I'm looking to throw dinner in there beforehand, too.

So, I'm looking for restaurant recommendations in a relatively close proximity to a comedy club (The Laugh Resort, Yuk Yuks, Absolute Comedy, whatever...we're flexible). Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. My boyfriend took me to second city on blue jays way and for dinner right across the street to Chez Victor. Im not sure what your price range it though, but the dinner was lovely (its a bit higher end though) and Second City is always great.

    1. If you do Second City, a more affordable option is Tutti Matti. Decent, reliable Italian.

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        We did SC and you can get a package that includes dinner at Gretzky's. It was good. Nothing spectacular but the service was terrible.

        As mentioned above, the show is outstanding.


      2. Not a comedy club per se, but the Rivoli has a comedy night in their back room every Monday.

        You could eat in the resto to start, then head to the back room for laughs. (You can eat in the back room too, but the resto is nicer.) The food is pretty good, too.

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          Ooh...very interesting idea. Thanks! :-)

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            grilledcheese, you proved me wrong. I've always said "you can't have dinner and a show in one place". Rivoli has reasonably good food and the ALTdotComedy nights feature some of the best local comics. Apr 14's show has Nikki Payne who's an absolute hoot.

            Medira, check NOW magazine for comedy listings. There are many indie comedy nights in districts where food can be found. Fie on Yuk Yuk's empire and crappy food.

          2. You can hit Globe Bistro or Mambo and then head over to Bad Dog Theatre.

            A weekly line-up that changes on a semi-regular basis, popular shows sell out quickly so reservations are recommended.

            1. Get some take-out, and go to a City Council meeting. ;}

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                Hee! The only problem I can see with that is the fact that I didn't think politicians worked weekends! :)