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Apr 1, 2008 07:43 AM

Mother's Day in DC-Recs please!

My mother and my sister and I have taken long weekend trips to different cities for Mother's Day. Our 16th year brings us to DC! I actually live in Baltimore so food finds are up to me (with A LOT of help from all of you hounds I hope). Cafe Atlantico is already on our list for a dinner on one of the nights. What we look for: great food in an even better atmosphere; stuffy or otherwise subdued restaurants need not apply. We like to laugh, have fun and enjoy each other's company without feeling like we are disturbing others around us. We like to eat and we like to drink, we don't need $50+ for an entree for it to be a special meal. If I can provide any extra detail to help with recommendations please let me know! Can be lunch, lounge/wine bar for snacks, dinner or brunch! Thank you all!

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  1. Y'all sound like you would enjoy the Sunday drag brunch at Perry's in Adams Morgan. Hey-it would be a Mom's day to remember!!

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      Won't rule anything out! As long as people are having a good time!

    2. One thing you might consider is the dim sum brunch at Cafe Atlantico instead of dinner there. Both are quite good but the latin dim sum brunch is really different and a fun way to spend Mother's Day.

      You should consider going to Eastern Market (Market Lunch) for a delicious and fun lunch option.

      You didn't have a particular area in mind so other places to consider:

      Filomena (what group of ladies wouldn't want to indulge in homemade pasta and giant pieces of cake), Central, Acadiana, Hook, Bistro du Coin (a place where you can be loud and boistrous and no one will notice because they are also being loud and boistrous!), Jaleo, Proof, Pizza Paradisio, Heritage (great Indian food), and Spices (for sushi and Asian cuisine). Ceiba and Jaleo are also good options but they might be too similar to Cafe Atlantico for your taste.

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        Also if you are sightseeing (or even if you are not) check out the cafeteria at the American Indian Museum. It's surprisingly good and fun since you can check out different cuisines depending on the part of the country.

        And since its kind of a girly weekend you might want to pop into Baked and Wired in Georgetown and try out their yummy cupcakes. (Or head up the street to Georgetown Cupcake for take out cupcakes but be prepared to wait in line for an hour or so).

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          Sounds like great stops for a 'girls weekend!' I'll look into them. Thanks!

        2. Zola is nice for being casual enough that you can have a good evening and they have done a good job at making their restaurant quieter even with lots of people and loud conversations. It may be a nice spot. It hink they just must have better sound absorbing stuff than a lot of places around.

          Also Brasserie Beck is really good, and I find their price points really good for the food you get. Central while normally around $50 pp (with split starter, entree, dessert and drink normally for me) is really worth the price if you can get in. They are both causal enough and loud enough you should be able to enjoy yourself and add to the din.

          Brunch is really good at Bistro Bis, but for less money my favorites are Poste and Tallula for which you will need a car as it is in Northern Virginia.

          What areas do you plan to be in though that might be helpful? Are you seeing sights or have any activities planned, as a lot of eating depends on where you are.

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            Thanks kt, my other sister is in charge of hotel/activities but we usually just wing it actually. I will find out. Brasserie Beck sounds great!

          2. Rasika for modern Indian. Zengo for mexican/asian fusion. Hook for seafood. Zatinya for turkish/middleeastern mezze. All good food and beautiful places.

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              I have heard great things about Rasika and forgot about Zengo thank you! I will also look into the other 2. Thanks!

            2. My mom visited this weekend, and we had brunch at Station 9 and Creme, both on U Street (close to my place)
              I did a review of each place's brunch in my blog,
              check it mom really enjoyed both, but we preferred Creme's service. Not to mention the atmosphere is perfect for a lighterhearted meal. Plenty of laughter going on in that palce!

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                sounds wonderful I will check out your blog.