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best reastaurant to hold a celebration in central nj for 50 people

I was wondering if anybody can help me. Im planning my wedding and the future wife and i have decided to take family and close friends out to dinner to celebrate the occasion. does anyone know of any great reastaurants that have back rooms or just room to hold somewhere between 20 and 50 people?

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  1. Hey, bak7701,

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

    "Central NJ" takes in quite a bit of territory, so any particular geographical locations? How about cuisine preferences? And are there budgetary constraints?

    1. Salt Creek Grille in Rumson has two banquet rooms downstairs overlooking the Navesink. Very nice space for a party of about 50. Very good food, also.

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        I agree with hotfoodhot. I really like the Salt Creek Grille. I have always had very good food and great service. It's my choice for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

      2. Frog and the Peach in New Brunswick has a couple of private party options, they say one of the areas can seat up to 50 people.

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          A year and a half ago we had our wedding at The Grenville in Bay Head. We maxed out the room at about 95 people but it would suit your group of 50 quite well. If the size of the party is right they will close the place for your event.
          We had a good experience there and it was just what we wanted for our wedding. Congratulations and good luck!

        2. thanks for all the replys. I live in monmouth county and was thinking anywhere in monmouth or ocean county. As for the budget we were hopeing for 20,000 or under

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            in Monmouth Beach.
            bak7701, have you visited any sites yet? Concerned for your choice of dates..given your stated budget tho, opt for a beachview. Dh & I renewed our vows here and very pleased w/catering services, guests treatment and staffs attention to detail. Highly recommend you visit and BOOK soon whatever you choose. Congratulations!

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              For me, Brandl's in Belmar (hidden in the 9th Ave courtyard) is a venue that constinently provides inventive, upscale, American fare. Their crabcakes are lump meat and their whole leaf Caesar is officially my nationwide top pick. I know they have a catering menu and their intimate, converted storefront would be a great place for your number of guests. The only thing, might be price. Depending if you were having it during the off-season (before Memorial day- after Labor Day) or in prime time. Their website www.brandlrestaurant.com
              has their on-premise catering menu below their dinner menu so you can get an idea if it's a possibility. *Plus, I know they serve wine, but it used to be a BYOB and they still allow you to bring your own bottles now. If they allow that for a party, then you can't beat it!

            2. Our family threw us bash at the Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury. I think they only do catering now. The food and service was much better than when it was a restaurant. I'm pretty picky and well travelled, and I walked away impressed. The atmosphere is great too.
              You're bound to get better service at a catered affair than being in a back room of a busy restaurant when you have a sizable crowd. Plus, you can have an open bar whereby people can socialize more easily.

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                My friend got married and had both her ceremony and reception at Salt Creek Grille. She had about 50 or 60 people. It was very nice and she has some beautiful pictures from outside.

              2. bak7701,

                These are the places I would recommend if you wanted to take photos and such for the backdrop. All of these places are within 5 miles of each other and on the water. They are all easily able to accomodate your size party.

                I agree with the previous mention of the Channel Club by HillJ. Good spot for reception, I wasn't impressed at all with the food and the style it was served but that could have been the choice by the parties holding the wedding too.

                On the Sea Bright side of the strand.
                We have had numerous corporate picnics at this place and it is very accomodating and does a huge amount of weddings and receptions. Might be pricey, but none the less a really good place to remember that special day.

                Just down the road is this hotel which we had a Corporate Meet and Greet. Easily able to handle your size of party, right on the beach, I believe it was owned by someone else when we had our functions so I can't attest to the food now.

                I also think McLoones Rum Runner the one at the top of the strand facing the river would be a good place. I have heard the food is some of the best and driving by it alot and being a photographer it would be a good site to have a wedding.

                The Molly Pitcher in Red Bank is nice and has some great views of the Navesink River. Its on the bottom of the list as I just don't think the photography options are all that great here. Food is okay.

                Salt Creek Grille. Can't stand that bridge. Have heard and read too many hit or miss stories on the place. You can use search function on here to do reviews of it.

                1. Hi .What about thai food ? Check it out.Good food. Matawan . Cafe de thai.732 566 3651 . I went there so...good.

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                    Actually, half the menu at Cafe de Thai consists of French dishes. When we went, with the exception of one thai appetizer (excellent curry puffs), the rest of our meal, i.e., main courses and dessert, were French, and that food was quite good.

                  2. The restaurant located in the Bridgewater Marriott has a private room called the Vineyard. It is a nice room and they accomodate large parties. The food is local and organic with a tuscan influence. Also, try the second floor of Verve in Somerville. Cozy private space.