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Apr 1, 2008 06:47 AM

Passover snack help

#1 - I live in the kosher wastelands of North Carolina. It's tough and very expensive to get KP food here.

#2 - I got myself named "snack mom" for the week of Chol HaMoed so that my kid could actually eat snack at school that week.

#3 - No Tam-Tams available this year. The few stores here that even have Passover food have Manishcewitz almost exclusively so I don't have the option of other brands.

What do I send to school?

I don't mind baking and I laid in a small stock of KP Cabot cheese. There's always fresh fruit and I thought about deviled eggs. The 25 kids are between 3 and 6 years old. Candy is unacceptable to the school.

Anyone have any good ideas?

(I'll cross-post on the Home Cooking board, but I hate to weed through the answers that will so obviously be chometz. Thanks for the help.)

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  1. How about baking KP brownies? Substitute potato starch or cake meal for the flour in regular brownies, and they come out tasting decent.

    Decorating the top with multi-colored KP sprinkles (I hope these are available in your area) adds a bit of texture, appeals to the aesthetic tastes of small children, and distracts from the fact that the texture of the brownies is not quite the same as "regular" brownies (not in a terrible way, but there is a difference).

    1. Macaroons are a yummy snack and vey easy to make. I'm not so sure about deviled eggs for 3-6 year olds... even if you dyed them purple with beet juice and called them dinosaur eggs.

      I feel your pain about KP stuff in the hinterlands. I grew up in Oklahoma (can you hear the chirping crickets when you talk about the kosher??)

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        Purple dinosaur eggs! Whoa, how cool is that! Neat idea.

        Bake goods are just fine and I was considering making Passover bagels since my recipe has a little sugar ( as opposed to my Passover rolls which get all their flavor from sauteed onions and parsley).

        It's odd what we can get here. Mango chutney, small bags of Bissli, and Swedish fish are all available. Borsht is not.

        Great ideas. Thanks for the creative thoughts.

        Btw, we don't do kitniyot.

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          Purple dinosaur eggs?! Thats so cute!

        2. When you say that candy is against the rules, do you mean candy, or all sweets including cookies and other baked goods?

          1. Things that come to mind:
            1. Terra Yukon gold potato chips...they're my favorite kind and they're KP!
            2. Macaroons
            3. Chocolate covered matzos (unless those too are MIA this year due to the shortage)
            4. Egg Kichel
            5. Soup nuts

            1. Snack mom for the whole week! That's bold.

              I think cheese, fruit and eggs are great ideas. Baking some small Pesach cookies would go over very well. If you can get Pesach cereal (like fake fruit loops), kids seem to love them. I'd also add into the mix carrots and celery. You could have matzo, and cream cheese and almond butter as spreads. I love the idea below about Terra chips -- that will be a treat. I would definitely serve one type of fruit each day, and one or two of the other things, so that you'll have variety over the week.

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                If potato chips are ok, Utz makes KP ones.