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Apr 1, 2008 06:29 AM

Facing Heaven Chili Pepper

Has anyone found a source for facing heaven chili peppers in the NYC-NJ area? Mail Order?

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  1. Perhaps Penzeys? They have a store at Grand Central. Or you can come up here to CT. Check their website in case:

    IF they don't, perhaps kalustyans in the city...

    1. I found them today (what I believe to be them. i only identified them on being squat and fat) in Manhattans Chinatown at Dynasty hong kong supermarket located at 68 Elizabeth St, New York, NY, at the corner of hester. they just did a huge expansion and renovation.

      the chillies can be found dried downstairs. i think theyre in the 2nd or 3rd row from the left, bottom left side. they were right beside the longer red chillies that everyone has.

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        Awesome. I spent a fruitless afternoon looking for these things and grabbed them today after reading your post. Thanks and chalk up another hit for the chow-community.

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          This may be a "general CH" question, but what are the best ways you use them? How are they in flavor compared to the long little ones? thanx

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          thanks-i've also found them now in the hong kong supermarket in flushing