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Mar 31, 2008 11:04 PM

Sustainably-Minded Caterer?

Anyone know of caterers that are focused on local, sustainable food. For an idea of what we're looking for check out this wedding:

We want thoughtful, intimate, seasonal food. We're not interested in corporate events, buffets, and passed canapes...

Does the DC area have such a caterer?

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  1. You might try checking with the DC chapter of Slow Food. Currently their website ( only lists restaurants.
    If there isn't one, there sure should be!

    1. Try Main Event Caterers based in Shirlington. They are definitely focused on sustainability. They are easy to work with and the food is quite good.

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        Seconding Main Event. Windows, Design Cuisine and Occasions also have green catering departments.

      2. I loved that article! I just got married last year and the whole vibe including the menu sounds fantastic. That was the kind of wedding I wanted (and hope I achieved)..casual, rustic elegance. Anyway...The caterer I used is not in DC they are in Baltimore... but they might fit your bill. The chef/owner has an organic garden in his back yard that he uses for his herb and veggies. He is very focused on seasonality. Also to the mindset, personality and vision of the caterer - the article focuses a good bit on the actual caterers themselves. Our tasting was actually in the caterers beautiful 1920's home sitting at his dining room table sharing his homemade wine with him. Our menu development was carried out sitting on his living room floor in front of a roaring fire...again with more homemade wine. I can't compete with the bravery of the couple in the article having "no tasting" whatsoever... however we didn't get to taste our actual food until the wedding day. The tasting was just a representation of his cooking. Although we did love the pasta course he served us so much we added it to our family style menu (Torchio in Cauliflower Sauce with Grana Padano Cheese and Toasted Bread Crumbs). The caterer is called Dionysus Kitchen.

        Good luck with everything... I hope you have as much fun planning as I did!

        1. You may want to check the National Green Pages to see if there's a caterer in the area:

          1. This is way after the fact, but anyone looking for a local, sustainable,organic caterer in the DC area should try Green Plate Catering. I've been to 2 weddings recently where they were provided the food. It was fabulous tasting, beautifully presented and all locally sourced. I took a picture at one of them of the hors d'oeuvre table. I looked it up- the website is