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Mar 31, 2008 10:11 PM

Newburyport Bakery

There is a bread bakery in Newburyport that I have heard raves about. Anyone know the name or have been there?


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    1. Most definitely Annarosa's! The bread and pastries are exceptional. At the end of the Tannery near Jabberwocky.

      Annarosa's Bakery
      175 Elm Street, Salisbury, MA

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      1. re: pastrytroll

        I love Annarosa's! Call before you go, however - I think I heard that they're currently closed for two weeks vacation. They're normally only open Wed - Sat, IIRC. And, I suggest you go as early in the day as possible - they do run out of the good stuff!

      2. Could be Greta's Great Grain's?