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Mar 31, 2008 09:54 PM

tully's coffee

i met a few people from the seattle area recently. we got to talking about coffee and a couple of them really talked up tully's coffee - both their shops and from the grocery store. living in the midwest, i don't think i have every seen tully's in my local kroger (which carries it in some western states). can any local coffee afficianados give me their opinions about tulley's coffee? if it is that good, i will order some and have it shipped to me.

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  1. It's good coffee, but probably not in the way you think. Tully's is a chain, and I imagine they were saying that, as chain coffee goes, Tully's is much better than Starbucks. I agree, it is, but it's not the kind of "good" you would go out of your way to have shipped to you. In fact, getting almost any roasted coffee shipped is a good way to guarantee it won't be good, as it starts to lose its vitality hours after its roasted.

    If you want great coffee and you want it shipped, best to go with a coffee house like Intelligentsia in Chicago or Stumptown in Portland, or one of the other coffee houses that know how to get it to you fast AND fresh.

    Great coffee doesn't really require genius, it requires timing: getting it fresh and storing it well. In Seattle, for example, we can buy fresh roasted coffee at a warehouse store called Costco. The volume they sell insures it's fresh-roasted (the bags are still warm sometimes), so even if it isn't at the level of an Intelligentsia or Stumptown original, it's still very good, and the price cannot be beat (~$4/lb). Then again, there are those cringe-worthy industrial coffee grinders nearby where clueless shoppers ruin entire bags of fresh roasted beans by grinding it all at once. But I've said enough...

    If you want something great from Tully's, have one of their coffee-based milkshakes. They are about 2000 calories and you have to eat them with a spoon!

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      I agree. If you're gonna order coffee shipped, don't waste your time with Tully's. Just order one of the two above. Also Graffeo's in San Fran. comes to mind. I don't know if I spelled it right or if they ship, but the point is, if you're thinking about shipping, you can raise the bar a lot higher than Tully's.

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        Forgot about Graffeo's:

        I haven't had their coffee, but I will in t-minus 2 days. Thanks, Michael. ;)

    2. Oh oh . . . I'm drinking Tully's French Roast this minute and loving it . . . it does beat Starbuck's by a mile! It sounds like I need to try something new, thanks for the referrals posted above!

      1. Xman, Kroger's in Birmingham (Maple/Woodward) has Tully's coffee, although only the ground stuff. I don't know about the other Krogers as the B'ham one is the only Kroger I'll set foot in.

        1. If you're going to go to the trouble and price is no object, then Stumptown and Intelligentsia are both great. Graffeo's is very good, but if you have no budget issues, I'm a bigger fan of Blue Bottle Coffee out of Oakland -- -- they have a bit of a cult following in the Bay Area but aren't cheap.

          For a bigger chain, I'm a Peets guy ( Their coffees (big generalization here) are "stronger tasting" than Tullys but without the "burned" taste many associate with Sbux. I have heard that some midwest states carry Peets so I'd check it out.