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Mar 31, 2008 09:24 PM

Need a restaurant for my Boyfriend's 21st!

Hi guys-
I'm new to the site, but it looks really great and helpful!

I need advice.
I'm fairly new to NYC, I moved from California about 18 months ago, so i am still unfamiliar with a majority of NYC restaurants.

Anyway my boyfriend is turning 21 at the end of May, and i really want to take him somewhere that is memorable! He loves sushi, italian and seafood. He will eat steak occasionally but it's not his first choice. I was checking out NOBU strictly because he loves De Niro. But i did not read great reviews.

As for price- I'd say expensive (avg dinner entree being $25-30). We want to be able to dress up and afterwards head to a bar/club. So feel free to add a bar in there also!

Anyway, i look forward to reading the reviews!
Thanks again!

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  1. Look into the new and wonderful Olana.
    Also, you might want to try Vice Versa and then walk several blocks for the bar bit to Blue Fin on Times Square.

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    1. re: idia

      I didnt like Olana so much, but vice versa looks good...

      1. re: BellaNella28

        I was planning to go to Olana on Saturday just wondering why you did not like it. Should I be worried? It is my 10th Anniversary with my boyfreind.

    2. Take him to Lure Fishbar! They've got both great sushi and seafood...You can't beat the interior design and nabe!

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      1. re: LeahBaila

        This place looks really cool! My boyfriend is crazy about nautical. He sails..etc. So this place reminds me of inside their sailboat. Any more info about this place??

        1. re: BellaNella28

          The interior is of the most impressive spaces in the city, in my opinon. Great cocktails, Florida stone crab, sushi...all around solid that will most definitely be a hit!

          1. re: BellaNella28

            I just went on Saturday w/a friend and we had a good meal. We had salads to start, which were OK. Really liked my halibut (a special) for dinner, and my friend liked her yellowfin tuna entree. Strawberry rhubarb crumble was great. I was afraid it would be too sceney on a Saturday night, but it actually wasn't. The space was very cool, and it was busy, but it was never too loud and the wait staff gave us plenty of time to linger (we were there for over 2 hours... and my friend showed up a half hour late).

            1. re: Lucia

              Good to hear because i was reading reviews on Zagat and ppl weren't too crazy about it. Mostly complained of the wait staff, and the noise.

        2. Ago will have opened by then, if you want to take the de niro route! no idea how it will be reviewed, but if nothing else it'll still be hot by then. and you're already downtown (it's in tribeca) for the bars.

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            I tried looking for it on google but nothing came up.. any other info?

          2. In the Meatpacking District: Employees Only, Buddakan, Crispo, Dell' Anima. Afterwards, plenty of clubs and bars (Gaslight and Highline are great for the latter)

            E. Village to LES: Jewel Bako, Jack's Oyster Bar, Tides, Lan, then hit up the bars/clubs on Ludlow.

            1. Hi BellaNella28,

              For sushi, the best in NYC is Sushi Yasuda which serves authentic traditional sushi. However, given that it is a birthday celebration, I think a place that is more romantic or cozy will be better (and Yasuda is not romantic at all). My pick will be 15 East which has high quality sushi and cooked dishes (some being fusion). Their wild salmon 5 ways is one of the best salmon dishes I have tried in NYC (better than the ones at Jean Georges and Perry St). Their main dining area is dim lit so it is romantic yet elegant. If you prefer you two can sit at the sushi bar as well and have omakase. Personally I prefer 15 East a lot more than Nobu which has way past its prime.

              Other Nobu-like options are Le Miu and LAN in East Village. Le Miu is actually run by former staff of Nobu, so their dishes are very "nobu-ish". However, I am not very fond of their new style sushi. Their cooked dishes are superior IMO. It is a small cozy restuarant and good for couple like you two.

              LAN on the other hand, has and more traditional better sushi than Le Miu. Cooked dishes are also quite delicious. The problem of LAN is that it is incredibly noisy with a lot of NYC students talking really loud particularly over the weekends. They have a bar bustling with people, and again a lot of students which make quite a scene.

              For Italian, I consider Apizz and Peasant to be quite romantic and definitely fit into your price range. Babbo is absolutely fabulous, as long as you can get reservation!

              Hope you and your bf have a wonderful birthday dinner!

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              1. re: kobetobiko

                I checked out Babbo and their menu was a bit too exotic for our taste. I will check out Apizz and Peasant!