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Mar 31, 2008 08:34 PM

restaurant in mississauga

I am looking for a nice restaurant with good food in Mississauga, around meadowvale

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  1. One of my fabourite Mississauga restaurants is Rogues, near Dundas and Erin Mills. Closer to Meadowvale are Barber House and Cherry Hill House. I found the menus at this restaurants to be basic verging on boring, service mediocre and costs high. However, many do like them so they are a possibility. Taking it down a notch, Lucy's Seafood Kitchen offers a good meal. I last went to the one near the Meadowvale GO many years ago. Not sure if they are still there but they do have a location at Dundas and Winston Churchill ('twas a Casey's way back when.)

    1. Across the 401 in downtown Streetsville is Giorgio's (200 Queen Street) Cannot say enough about it...Great relaxing atmosphere, the chef comes out and greets you and also talks to you on the way out to make sure everything was wonderful.
      Fantastic salads, pastas to suit every taste, main courses and desserts Very good wine list also. A good choice for a special night out

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        Streetsville also has Saucy, a pasta/pizza place. Reservations are recommended since they fill up pretty fast.