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Mar 31, 2008 08:12 PM

Good food on the Coral Bay side of St. John?

My husband and I are going for a "belated honeymoon" next week and staying at a villa in the mountains of Coral Bay St. John. We know that we will be going to Sweet Plantains, and would like to try Miss Lucy's (does anyone know if it's still open?)...but I have been on line trying to find other restaurants on the Coral bay side, and all I seem to find is glorified pub food or super expensive eclectic/continental food (New American or French influenced with a twist). We live in NYC and have no desire to spend a fortune ($30+) per entree for food that we can easily get here...we were hoping to stumble on some good local food, or other good spots that aren't a fortune and to find some decent bars or spots with live music (something that doesn't close at 9pm but doesn't necessarily have to stay open past midnight) on the Coral Bay side. We were hoping to go to Cruz bay only once or twice since a 40 minute drive in the dark doesn't excite us at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. We just returned from USVI on Sunday. Spent the day in the Cruz bay area we did go to a place in Mongoose Junction called Ocean Grill or Ocean something. It was one of the best meals we had. They have huge appetizers which you could make a meal out of (less money), and good entrees if you want to splurge. They did have a suprising wine selection reasonable pricing. FYI everything seems to be expensive

    If you are into snorkeling, we did find an out of the way place called Waterlemon Cay, near Anneburg. You have to hike a mile on a beautiful path with your gear. but some of the best snorkeling I have ever seem. We saw 6-10 sea turtles, and beautiful tang, parrot angel and trumpet fish.

    1. We were at Miss Lucy's in December, god the view is gorgous! We love the food and the family of goats that are running around!

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        In Coral Bay I would recommend your choices of Miss Lucy's for brunch and Sweet Plantains. SP was VERY good and has a really nice atmosphere, however it's also quite expensive. Shipwreck Landing has a really laid back vibe, above-average island food and it's pretty cheap. I would also recommend taking the drive to Vie's Shack one day for lunch and get the garlic chicken. The guys who have the food trucks at the main corner of Rt 10 & 107 are supposedly good and cheap. About a 10 minute drive towards Cruz Bay will take you to Chateau Bordeaux which is pretty high-end but has excellent cuisine.

        I have found Skinny Legs and Island Blues have pretty average to mediocre food.

        As for the bars, Island Blues and Sputniks have regular live music. Aqua Bistro is also a nice bar. You will find that Coral Bay is pretty sleepy though, and you will be hanging out with a lot of locals and the occasional salty-dog. Everything tends to close up around 10pm.