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Mar 31, 2008 08:09 PM

Best weddings in NY?

Where is the best wedding you've been to for food/ambiance?

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  1. Rainbow room was pretty cool -- mainly for it's old school vibe and the fact that it's a new york city landmark. The food is catered by cipriani too and the view was KILLER

    1. I have 2 suggestions. The plaza (for old school) and in Queens, The Worlds Fair Marina which is nice and on the water

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        Make sure the tide is high for any wedding at the World's Fair. The waterfront there is a tidal mud flat that is exposed at low tide and the aroma is like the porta-potty after a Nascar event.

      2. Brooklyn Boathouse with Naturally Delicious as caterer. Best food I have ever had, hands down.

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          My wedding will be at the Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown so I really hope it has the best food and ambiance in the area!

        2. My own wedding was stellar. Married on the rooftop of Space 515 in Chelsea, catered (using many of my own recipes) by Ready to Eat. It was 4 years ago & people still talk about it as the best wedding they've ever been to. I want to do it all over again, it was so fun!

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            I didn't get to eat much, but people (including friends who are chefs) raved about the food at our wedding at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers (Abigail Kirsch). The space is gorgeous too, all lit up with candles at night. We loved it:-)

          2. Aurora Ristorante in williamsburg. Amazing food, great atmosphere for a laid back dinner party type vibe. Very romantic and intimate - best wedding I've ever been to.