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Mar 31, 2008 07:28 PM

Anyone Have Sioux Falls, SD Recommendations?

I am going to a wedding in Sioux Falls, SD for 2 days and have never been before. I will have a car when there so I can drive to places outside the city. Any good spots that people know of?

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  1. This threads an oldie, but a goodie. To help get you started until more locals can chime in.


    1. All of the recommendations in the thread linked by DQ still stand. (Things don't change fast in these parts!) You won't find much outside of the city, but will get good use out of the car within Sioux Falls. The Falls Park, Seratoma Butterfly House, and the Art District on 10th street (near my personal favorite, Sanaa's restaurant, are fun to visit.

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        Thank you for the updates. I saw that thread but didn't know how accurate it was because, as you said, it was kind of old. Sanaa's looks like a definite stop for me.