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Mar 31, 2008 07:17 PM

vegetarian around durham

I occasionally take out of town business guests to dinner around Durham NC. I've enjoyed Magnolia Grill, Nana's, Four Square, Herons, and even Bonne Soiree, though that's a bit far to go. Next week half the party will be vegetarian, and I've been unimpressed by the vegetarian options at some of these restaurants. What would you recommend for a nice meal with a few veggy options?

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  1. I would do Piedmont on Foster Street. I actually just went by there this evening to pick up a gift certificate as a token of gratitude to a colleague of mine who doesn't eat meat. I've enjoyed the vegetarian dishes I've had there. They post their daily menu here:

    1. I've also had really nice vegetarian meals at Piedmont. You don't want to go as far as CH, but I have to say Panzanella in Carrboro also does a really good job with lots of veg. options.

      1. I third the Piedmont Suggestion...especially for business lunches/meals

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          if you want to impress your dinner guest, a 'few' options isn't impressive (I'm mostly veg).
          Go to Cary and take them to Udipi Cafe: totally veg and delicious. Or Panzanella in Carrboro where there are lots of veg dishes and the food is great. If a pasta has a meat sauce the chef will happily put another : pesto, Marinara on it...

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            and the pizzas at Panzanella are fanastic, and you can leave the meat off any of those if you like (although the best one - the 4 cheese - is already meatless).

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. I like Panzanella (and I live in Carrboro), but I think it's too far for this time. I hadn't thought of Piedmont, since I associate them with charcuterie and organ meats. Just having two options on the menu would be a nice change.

              I've been to four square when there was no vegetarian option, and someone asked for the sides that came with the salmon dish. When they brought the plate it still had a salmon shaped empty area, like they'd grabbed the fish off the plate and brought it out. I'm trying to avoid that.

              1. re: spaz

                Every time I've been to Piedmont they've had 2 veg pastas on the menu, and they're also really good about either stretching an appetizer into a main or vice versa. I think you'll do well there. I hope it goes well.