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Mar 31, 2008 07:11 PM

Paris for 8 days at end of April, looking for lunch/dinner ideas

My husband and I are going to Paris the last week of April for 8 days - Staying in the 7th Arr.

Although we're planning to have a lot of picnics (as well as eating lots of crepes and falafel!) we were wondering if fellow chowhound members had any suggestions of some great places for lunch and dinner.

Our overall goal in France is to finally have authentic French food with the freshest ingredients. We'd ideally like to have a range of places in different budgets (since the exchange rate is crazy right now!), with maybe one or 2 "splurge" places for either lunch or dinner.

Here's the few places I've been recommended -- any thoughts? Additions? Thanks SO much!
Also, how far in advance should we call to make reservations for these places?

Ze Kitchen Galerie
L'ami Jean
Epi Dupin
Bistrot du Dome
Min veile ami
Jules Verne (I'm definitely NOT tied to this one -- and we'd likely do lunch due to the fact that it is only a few weeks away and we likely can't get dinner reservations)

Thanks in advance for all of your help!!

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  1. I called for reservations at Ze Kitchen Galerie and L'Epi Dupin about two weeks before the visits there (not in the same trip to Paris). I had no problem, but it was not tourist season in Paris and maybe that makes a difference. There's nothing to lose by calling 3 or 4 weeks in advance or ask the hotel to help you out if that's easier. One day I will get to April in Paris!!

    1. Have you heard of

      They have lots of personal experience and rec's for Paris.

      One thing, we are also planning on being there later this month. We have decided to opt for lighter breakfasts and eat our Lunch as the main meal. Usually the fare is the same for a much better price.
      We plan on visiting local markets, and Picards for food for most evenings. Perhaps only one dinner out, we'll see.

      We thought we'd be anxious to get out early in the sunshine, lunch would provide much needed rest; and we can walk it off after. Many places close during lunch anyway. Then when we're all tired we can head home and enjoy some of the freshest local ingr.

      1. I don't know where your staying in the 7th, but if your planning on picnic you cna't go wrong with Rue Cler and their markets. You will be able to get everything you need on that street. The Maison du Jambon will have great things to take away, there is an excellent cheese stand right next to the Hotel Leveque. They have an excellent bakery , wine store and even a little L'Epicerie shop that will sell corkscews, wine glasses, napkins etc. The Monoprix sells bottled water cheap, buy before you head out as the water near tourtist spots are very expensive!!! The cafe du Marche is a great place for a very inexpensive lunch, and the food is really good, noy haute cuisine, but a good portion and very reasonable. You can get a very good lunch for about 10 Euro. You can pick up some post cards and mail them out at the post office on the corner of Rue Cler and rue La Mott and

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          Sorry I hit the buttom before I finished!! The corner of Le Mott Picquet and Rue Cler has a post office, and then you get jump on the Metro right up the block is the Ecole Miltaire Metro. Some other good bistro's in the 7th are"
          Le Petit Troquet
          28 Rue de L'Exposition
          01 47 05 80 39
          Excellent food, very tiny so call for reservations

          19 Rue de la Mott Picquet
          01 45 55 40 38
          If you call a weekor two in advance you should be fine. You can contact your hotel and they will gladly handle making all your reservationans for you. Have a great trip.

        2. Why don't you try a cooking class? It's a great experience if you want to grab a true chunk of French culture. Try a world in a pan, cordon bleu, escoffier (three different budgets and types)