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Mother's Day Brunch in a Hotel

I'm looking for recommendations for a great brunch on Mother's Day. The catch is I'm particularly looking for a restaurant that is within a hotel. It doesn't matter if it's a sit down brunch or buffett and price isn't so much of an issue, just as long as it's in a hotel.

I'm not as familar with restaurants inside hotels except for Bistro Bis (which is my favorite brunch but we are looking for some place else).

Has anyone had brunch in the Willard Room? Thoughts? Does Blue Duck Tavern do brunch?


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  1. Last year we did it at the Tabard Inn and my mom LOVED it (and she is tough to please). The only catch is it is hard to get a reservation.

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      Of course, the Tabard Inn! Totally forgot about that.

      What does the brunch look at CityZen of Cafe Mozu? I couldn't find a menu online but I thought they had weekend brunches that was quite spectacular.

      Also, we are only looking for a table for 3 people, which might make it easier to get a reservation.

    2. Blue Duck does brunch, but I have never had it, I imagine it would be good though. Also consider Jackson 20 in old town, or the Mayflower.

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        We are looking to stay in DC, mostly because we will probably be having my bf's Mom stay at or near the hotel where we will be eating. Mayflower is a good idea--I've never had brunch there.

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          Blue Duck is good for brunch. There are only a few breakfast-type items on the menu but I recall they were good. Everything else is on the regular menu, I think. The chocolate cake and apple pie are always excellent bets for dessert.

          They were not packed when I went for brunch but I imagine they will be a lot more busy on Mother's Day.

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            I actually just looked at their menu since I loved dinner there, but wasn't really impressed. Mostly because, as you mentioned, there are not a whole breakfasty options on the menu. It seems like mostly a lunch menu with a few eggs thrown in there.

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              Not sure if it was Easter or another holiday, but there was some posts on here about how some people were annoyed b/c Blue Duck offered a prix-fixed, set menu for brunch that wasn't on their Web site. So if you are still considering it as an option, you should probably call to get confirmatin on the menu.

        2. Oh and the brunch at Poste is good, but I am sure you have been there.

          1. The Fairmont has a large- and excessive- brunch. I recommend fasting beforehand, minimum of 2 to 3 days.

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              Is the brunch you are thinking of at the Colonade or Juniper?

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                Did they have seafood (e.g., raw oysters or sushi) offering?

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                  haven't been in years so you'd have to call. but they had everything from roast duck to omelettes to make your own sundaes. so.. probably.

              2. We had a very nice brunch at Nage a couple Sundays ago but the hotel (Embassy Row Courtyard Marriott) is pretty blah. Blue Duck does brunch, just haven't been. On Mother's Day the Omni Shoreham usually does a huge buffet with omelette station, raw bar, carving stations and full desert bar... too much for us but if interested I would call to confirm they are still doing it this year.

                1. I ended up making a reservation at the Willard Room. A few things have bugged me slightly though about this choice. First off, the website says that brunch is $65/person. The last time I checked there was no notation about a special price for Mother's Day. Yet when the restaurant called to confirm our reservation, I was informed that it's $95/person!!! This is a big difference. As of right now we are sticking with this reservation (although we have a back up plan as well) since someone else is paying and we have always wanted to dine in the Willard Room and thought this would be a nice treat for my bf's Mom (and us.) That being said, I can't possibly imagine what will be served that would be worth $95 for brunch. I'm sure the buffett is incredible, but more like $65 incredible. Not $95. But I'll have to wait and see.

                  Finally, I made my reservation online at OpenTable.com. A bunch of normal times were available. I could have sworn I made a 12:30 reservation. When I went back and checked it was changed to 1:30 or 1:45pm. Now that could have been my fault but I'm almost positive I clicked 12:30pm. I called the restaurant and was informed that they only have certain seatings available: 11:00am and I believe 1:30pm. Nothing in the 12/12:30 range. I'm not sure if they are not seating anyone at all at that time or if it's just not available. So I decided to change the reservation to 11am since 1:30 seemed too late.

                  It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Has anyone had brunch there? What is usually offered? Anyone specifically eaten there on Mother's Day?

                  Our back up plan btw, is at the Fairmont (which is in fact a $65 buffett :) ). I will cancel it well in advance if we decide to stick with the Willard Room.