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Mar 31, 2008 06:36 PM

Where to find Seaweed

Hi Chowhouds

Looking to find a place in Toronto where I can find seaweed suitable for making Kaiso Salad at home. Been addicted to it, and been ordering it every time I go out for sushi, but wondering if anyone has a reliable source for getting seaweed for home use.


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  1. You could always try Sanko.
    730 QUEEN ST. WEST

    1. The large Korean stores P.A.T. should have what you need. They have a wide range of seaweed. The addresses are in this thread

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      1. re: jayt90

        Thanks. I'll check out the P.A.T. stores soon. Might even see if T&T might have something as well.

        1. re: kmoore

          The Big Carrot has various types of dried seaweed.

      2. They sell the sheets of seaweed at grocery stores (like Dominion or Valu-Mart), the kind you use to make sushi. It's usually the same brand I've seen at T&T and PAT.