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Mar 31, 2008 06:35 PM

Napa - Michoacan Taco Truck Report

The truck is at Trancas St. and California (ave?). In the auto parts store parking lot on the SE corner. It's there from 2pm to 9pm according to the sign. I can verify that it was NOT there at 1pm when I first went looking for tacos.

We had the Tacos Al Pastor and all three of us loved them. They're terrific. Nice marinade, nice sauce, good meat, tender fresh corn tortillas...the Radishes and pickled Jalapeno wedges are a nice touch. The operators (owners?) are friendly people. The price is amazing ($1.25 / taco).

There are burritos and quesadillas on the menu. The fillings include Asada, Beef Cheeks (cabeza?), pollo and some others. I always go for Pastor.

I'm a stand-up eater. This is definitely my favorite food in Napa Valley.

Taylor's Refresher is fun, but not nearly as tasty. I handed my 7 yr old nephew an extra straw, he said something like "whoo-hoo, I got two straws." and, naturally, I replied: "one for each nostril" and before you could say "NO, DONT!" he had a snoot full of sprite, watery eyes and a severe, but short-lived sneeze.

Fillipi's Pizza is a decent place to take a truckload of kids (I've got 2, my brother has 4).

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  1. People from my office get orders from there 2-4 times a week. I've said this before but I find the popularity of La Playita inexplicable, except for maybe the size, which is due to too much rice. Try the Michoacan chile verde when you have a slow afternoon ahead of you and can afford a nap.
    We've been liking 3 tacos as opposed to one burrito lately, but I'm sure this will change.
    That truck is on Salvador before it makes its way to Trancas, if you can't wait.

    1. Thanks, I saw the truck but had other eating plans. Any other trucks that you like in Napa?

      Michoacan Taco Truck
      1685 Trancas St, Napa, CA

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        The ones on Soscol keep changing and they never seem to be packed so I worry a bit about the freshness, but maybe that's not fair.