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Mar 31, 2008 06:25 PM

cheap tripe or tongue between 19th st. and NYU?

After an 11AM appointment at 19th and 5th, will be heading back to the NYU area. Time is tight or I'd go up to 23rd and get tongue tacos at Grand Burrito. But I am not sure I will have time for the 4 blocks up and back and then to get back to another appointment. Any ideas of a place that has tongue or tacos in any form (Asian, Latino, etc.) that I could stop in on my way back? Nueva Rampa on 14th seems one possibility although it is a slight detour West. Any tacquerias or taco trucks or places that do menudo or other kinds of tripe soup on weekdays? Another possibility is the tongue-and-tripe appetizer at Grand Szechuan but that would also be a slight detour.


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