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Mar 31, 2008 05:37 PM

Outer Banks WEdding - HELP!

I am getting married in the Outer Banks, specifically Corolla, this spring. Am planning the wedding from my homestate of Maryland. Looking for catering suggestions...Any ideas?

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  1. Most of the restaurants in that area do on-site catering for parties or no catering at all. Is your wedding at a private house or event location?

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    1. Congratulations!

      You cannot go wrong with Mike Kellys. I have had the food from both his resto and catered on at least 10 occasions. In fact, I had him cater an event for about 200 people a couple of years ago. Outstanding taste and service.

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        Second the Kelly's suggestion. I'm an Outer Banks native, and Kelly's is one of the places I always recommend my friends go when they visit (along with Kill Devil Grill).

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          Have put a call into Kellys. Also have calls out to Good Life Gourmet and the Carolina Catering Company. Has anyone ever used either of these companies?

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        1. I attended a wedding by this company. They did a fabulous job decorating and the food was memorable, they used a lot of area favorites like small cups of hatteras chowder and tiny blue crab - crab cakes. They seemed top notch. My only complaint is that they started take down and had bare tables too early for my taste in the night.

          1. I live in the OBX and got married here in 2006. I also recommend Kelley's - they have been doing catering for a long time here and know what they are doing. I didn't use them for my wedding only because they were out of my budget.

            I've never heard of Carolina Catering Company and Good Life Gourmet has changed hands several times so I'm not sure of the current owners catering.

            I was in a friend's wedding who used Katering by Kim for her wedding and she was throughly unsatisfied. She does do creative touches and is very imaginative, but is pretty pricey and as mentioned by VBeatso, there were several large complaints about taking down things early, opening 20 extra bottles of wine, etc. Just my two cents.

            Black Pelican could be another one to look into. They have a great restaurant and I was really impressed at their spread at the OBX wedding expo. Check out the NC boards on The Knot too. They have great advice.

            Good luck and congratulations!