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Mar 31, 2008 05:34 PM

Totally Baked

Today was the grand opening, and it was crazy and harried, as expected. The line moved quickly, and although it was a solid 8-10 minute wait for my food, it was worth it because it was the perfect temperature and did not use the microwave.

The menu is loaded with amazing-sounding combinations from your standard Broccoli and Cheddar to Pulled Pernil Pork and Mexican Slaw to the extravagant Truffle (with truffle compound butter, truffle oil, truffle salt, and fresh truffle shavings) for 55 measly dollars.

We ordered the Braised Brisket with parsley and marsala reduction and the Creamed Spinach with manchego and frizzled leeks. The former was spectacular, as the potato soaked up the sauce perfectly. The latter was a great blend, perhaps some of the best "creamed" spinach I've ever had, and was the manchego was perfectly accented by the savory frizzled leeks. The potatoes, themselves, were cooked perfectly with a lot of flavor and served with a small (but a little too dry) side salad in eco-friendly and smart cardboard packaging. The owner gave us a little sweet potato gelato for dessert, which was not too sweet but had nice flavor.

They're open until 6PM, although the owner says they may extend hours soon. Their website doesn't seem to be up yet, so I have a full review and link to the menu here:

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  1. My impressions...

    -- trying hard. The owner or manager was there hustling the crowd, giving out free sweet potato gelato samples, answering questions.

    -- crowded. the line went ebbed and flowed from 5 to 15 people.

    -- Some of the combos on the menu sounded great. And some of the meat toppings (steak) looked fantastic and very well prepared.

    -- still figuring it out. One woman was demanding her money back so she could leave -- she had been waiting too long.

    -- Very nice interior. Lots of $$ spent of the design.

    -- expensive for what it is. I paid $7 for a tiny salad and a smallish potato with a smidge of toppings.

    -- the toppings are stingy. I asked for broccoli, bacon and corn. There was maybe a heaping tablespoon of corn and one of bacon. And a single very small broccoli florette. Seriously. One. A small one. The size of my thumbnail. Granted, broccoli isn't one of the standard "add your own" toppings. Which is weird because they have it for a few of the standard combos and it's such a standard potato topping. And they said it was fine. But then I got 1 tiny little piece a little bigger than a peanut m&m. :(

    -- the potato needed salt and salt was nowhere to be found.

    -- the potatoes are WAY small.

    -- I like the way they scoop them out and I like whatever they do to whatever they scoop out and then add back in. Whip with butter? I don't know. Yummy.

    -- REALLY hard to eat. Once you eat all the loose stuff and scooped out part a lot has fallen down the sides into the box and it's hard to get out.

    -- Once you get past the scooped out part the rest of the potato (the bulk of what you're served) is hard and dry and not very good.

    So... I don't think I'll be back for a while. :-/