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Mar 31, 2008 04:41 PM

Fresh Pasta

I just returned from an amazing trip to Italy where I had tons of fresh pasta. The dry stuff just doesn't cut it after that. Does anyone know of a place in Dallas that sells fresh pasta?

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  1. I have the same problem. Everything just tasted better in Italy. My wife and I went for our honeymoon to Rome & Florence and we still talk about the food. The noodles were all fresh and a bit al dente. We loved it that way!

    Phil Civellos Raviolissimo on Bryan I believe has fresh raviolis. I am not so sure about other noodles but I bet you could ask.

    Also Holy Ravoli on Lovers just about a block east of the Tollway does have a small selection.

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      I am not looking for ravioli as much as the noodles, what I really want to find is pappardelle thjat thick ribbion pasta that they serve with tose amazing bologness sauces.I am still dreaming about that velvet pasta.

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        I just looked on the web site for holyravioli and looks like they do carry the papparadelle. I will have to pop down there this week and pick some up Thanks so much for the info.


        i have eaten tons of fresh pasta since that post and one questions remains...can fresh pasta be truly al dente?

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          interesting question , vote is no . I , as someone who occasionally cooks pasta , have never understood the "al dente" thing . Have never met anyone that truly enjoys undercooked pasta . I think the Italians , with the phrase "al dente" are just reminding everyone not to cook their pasta into mush , and maybe we have misinterpreted that to mean that you should slighly undercook it , which IMHO you should not . You can undercook it when you take it out of the water , but it must finish cooking in the sauce . Like I said , who truly likes undercooked pasta ??